My green movement

Abundant in nature, the color Green is Life and it represents peace, growth, renewal, health and serenity to me.

Thomas Wilmer Dewing the lute freer museum michele roohani

Dewing’s women are sublime in this chartreuse mist…

I like all shades of green:  lime, emerald, mint, sage, etc…Here are some fresh strawberry leaves in my backyard,

strawberry flowers michele roohani

the elegant magnolia tree in my street,

white majestic magnolia michele roohani san vicente boulevard

the green shadow of this fuschia flower,

fuschia flower shadow michele roohani

tired shoes on a shawl,

shoes and purse on green shawl micheleroohani

my green room,

my green room brentwood michele roohani

two fish on this 11th century Persian ceramic,

persian ceramic musee dsevres 11th century two fish micheleroohani

and two naughty fish hiding under the water lilies:

water lilies carps huntington pond michele roohani

and one fish on this green door,

green door with brass carp handle michele roohani

a mean tequila shot with some limes:

lime green tequila glass michele roohani

a way gentler one,

green martini michele roohani

I like the green man thinking,

rodin thinker penseur michele roohani paris

and these beautiful women holding lights:

torchere lucinda opera michele roohani

Shakespeare smiling behind a green fountain,

shakespear and co paris michele roohani wallace fountain

the lonely bike waiting,

green bike dusseldorf michele roohani

my favorite tree (sycamore) leaves,

sycamore tree leaves michele roohani

and least favorite, succulent plants.

succulent plants michele roohani

How about these smart water plants who lure the beetles with food inside at 8 pm and eat them at 12 am?

beetle trapping water plants huntington garden michele roohani

Even coffee tastes better in a green atmosphere as Starbucks understood long ago:

four coffee cups michele roohani

A green bottle with a red soul:

green bottle red wine graves camembert michele roohani

I have more pictures of trees than anything else in my archives; there is a quiet majesty about a tree that has always stopped me in my daily hustle; this one is looking in the mirror:

tree reflection chantilly garden michele roohani

a green Buddha,

green buddha beads michele roohani

an exquisite Delahaye ,

green delahaye antic car michele roohani

Green luck,

craps game michele roohani

green food,

green vegetables michele roohani

beautiful narcissus,

paperwhite narcissus michele roohani

last but not least, green hope…

iran green movement sheikhi

“من چه سبزم امروز و چه اندازه تنم هشیار است…”

“How green am I today
And how alert is my body”

“Que je suis verdoyant,
Et qu’il est alerte mon corps”

Sohrab Sepehri

p.s. all pictures but the last one are from my personal archives.

This is a small clip I made of these images with the beautiful “THIS” song of Brian Eno:

13 thoughts on “My green movement

  1. Michèle, as usual so good… very refreshing.They are all good but my favorite one is the fuchsia flower. Thanks amiga.

  2. Dear Michele:
    My green eyes are not green anymore,
    you took away all their color.
    Look into your pictures once more;
    you will see the green colors I die for.


  3. Tout simplement “Magnifique”………..
    Cela donne envie de réactiver ton lien sous FB.

  4. Dordaneh joon … love your posts … specially this one. But have to say I think this was one of my all time favorite posts. Miss you. Kisses to you and the family.

  5. Green is a beautifully peaceful luscious color as you show so well.

    I hope it is a good omen for the Iranian resistance movement.

  6. Dear Michele

    This post is simply breathtaking in its ability to be mundane, obscure and revitalising..

    It was like a whiff of fresh air with a lemony scent…


  7. Dear Michele …
    من از طریق ای میل هایت در جریان کارهای زیبا وسلیقه خوش توبوده وهستم ولی از حساسیت تو برنگ سبز بعد ازسالهای دوری از سرزمین مادریت مطمن نبودم که انرا هم از این کلیپ ساده وسبزت دریافتم برایت ارزوی ایامی خوش وبرای مردم سرزمینمان آزادی وخوشبختی آرزو دارم
    مسعود قایم مقامی- لوس آنجلس

  8. Dordaneh joon,
    I love your pictures, they are very inspiring and gorgeous!… When I look at them seems time has never changed, only we forget to pay attention to the beauty and truth of life! We often take everything for granted thinking it will be tomorrow… I admire your work!
    Thank you and good luck to you.

  9. Dordaneh joon :
    I love the poetry in your work and the sensitive soul behind it. Thanks for sharing.

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