How to distill complexity to minimum…

Wary of over-sharing but eager to tell my friends: I am going to Europe for a couple of months tomorrow and you can follow me on my blog; these are uncertain but exciting times…

afternoon chair micheleroohani

4 thoughts on “How to distill complexity to minimum…

  1. Leaves

    The lines that make you are infinite, but I count them
    every day to hear the stories you carry. These are not secrets
    but records, things we should know but ignore. If I commit
    the sin of tearing you from the tree, I find another world
    inside the torn vein, another lifetime of counting the records
    of who walked here before, of what lovers lay here
    holding each other through wars and starvation.

    Some days I stand here until I lose focus and travel,
    drifting off out of the moment, too full of it, and my legs
    are now like trees, mindless but vigilant, held
    into the earth by the rules of debt, what we owe
    to nature for trying to tear ourselves away. I drift
    and the pleasure of touch comes again, layers of green
    in the mountainside a tickling in my palms.

    The pleasure is that of being lost here in the crowd
    of trunks and pulp, the ground thick with the death of you,
    sinking under my feet as I go, touching one and another,
    linking myself through until the place where I entered
    is gone. When I am afraid, my breath is caught in my throat.
    When I am not afraid, I lift both hands up under a bunch
    of you to find the way the world felt on the first day.

    – Afaa Michael Weaver

  2. Wishing you joy, fulfilment, grit , excitement , wonderment and invigorating smells of le petit cafe.

    THe photograph is infinitely beautiful. I love the light.. It has the warmth of the warm afternoon light on a cold wintery day..

    Was this taken now.

  3. An interesting coincidence to the title of the POST “How to distill complexity to minimum” and you have shot of a photograph of the Cold light of the Day. The light does have some warmth in it.

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