Ralph Lauren’s Mighty Jaguars to blazing Ferraris

Museum of Decoratif Arts in Paris showcases Ralph Lauren car collection where not only you can see these gorgeous cars, but you can listen to these babies engines growl (his site does a great job at that too). I am not crazy about Ferraris but his 250 Testa Rossa (red head) was a dream in red…

I  loved the Jaguars: they made the XKD to race; it has a graceful rear with a surprising fin! It was the most successful racing car of its generation. It became so successful (three consecutive victories in Le Mans 24 hour race) that Jaguar made a road version a few years later: the beautiful XKSS:

My absolute favorite was of course the magnificent Atlantic Bugatti, a masterpiece in speed and luxury made in 1938.

Ralph Lauren cars here.

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One thought on “Ralph Lauren’s Mighty Jaguars to blazing Ferraris

  1. Enjoyed your auto section! Color of cars are magnificent. Ferrari red is my favorite, although yellow is right next to it.
    One small update on Bugatti; The ugly (shape & color combo) Veyron has a new model 16-4 with 1200 HP and a top speed of 436 km/h.
    You can see this car tested on Top Gear which is a famous British auto TV show. It was run on a special and a very famous track in Germany which belongs to VW and has a single straight section over 5 miles long. To be able to hit this top speed before running out of road, the car must have a minimum speed of 200 km coming out of the last curve into the straight section.
    If one’s blood does not come to a boil, does not get goose bumps all over, or hair do not stand on end on the body, then this human must be a kin to a vegetable, say a potato!

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