10 thoughts on “September morning ten years ago

  1. The film (9/11) made shortly after the terrorist attacks holds — the sequence made by the contributing director from México, of silence and fall, silence and fall.

  2. Still unbelievable…! Still I try to put myself in their place,…! what a fear! what a feeling!
    I remember when I saw a movie about Nostradamus (with Orson Welles) for first time in 1980, I could not imagine the reality of that fear (…impact of metallic flying objects into the man-made mountain of light…)!!! and recently (…many giant waves of the ocean entering in a city, ruin and sink everything…)!!!

  3. نكند فاش کسی آن چه ميان من و توست 
    تا اشارات نظر، نامه رسان من و توست 
    گوش کن! با لب خاموش سخن ميگويم 
    پاسخم گو به نگاهی که زبان من و توست 

  4. This image is so sad and scary and speaks volume. with your permission, I am going to use it on my wall to remember 9/11.

  5. I don’t agree…to me this photo reflects the beauty of the victim: his will to fly into freedom as he chose to take his life with his own decision…no other has achieved the fact of killing him…
    May he rest in peace, he was a courageous man.

  6. Really, Entropy? Why??
    This is a part of history. Disturbing, but true. Thank you, Michele, for reminding us of it.

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