Greece, the tragedy of Europe

The unfolding drama of the Greek tragedy has stunned the world , especially Europe who took the Greeks in and refused Turkey the key to the fortress Europe.

Who will survive it and which will be the winner of  the three major currencies for global dominance: the United states dollar, the Euro or the Chinese Reminbi ( Yuan)?

2 thoughts on “Greece, the tragedy of Europe

  1. It’s been one big Greek drama lately. The debt crisis in Greece has weathered as many ups and downs as a good Euripides tragedy. There’s the Franco-German debt deal, the surprise referendum, its subsequent demise, along with the departure of the Greek Prime Minister, and now a new power-sharing government. Stay tuned for Acts 4 and 5 …

    In the meantime, let’s take an intermission to consider a different kind of debt — the one music lovers owe Greece for its rich and colorful music history, especially its line of exceptional 20th-century composers.

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