Wine Secretary, an Android App for Wine Lovers by Wine Lovers

Let me tell you, living in Paris isn’t easy! Aside from dealing with stressed out Parisians on the Metro, one of my big problems here is that there are so many different wines: some great, some OK, and some terrible— and it isn’t easy to remember which are which! I thought that there must already be a great Android Wine App for that, so I searched and searched… to no avail.

And thus Wine Secretary was born. It’s free, so if you like wine and have an Android phone, give it a try now! If you share this app and give it a good rating I will love you forever 🙂

I did find many Apps that promised they would do the job, but when I tried them, they were all terrible! Without exception, they were hard to use, ugly and filled with advertising that I wasn’t interested in…

This led me to  realize that there was an opportunity to design an App for Wine Lovers using Android phones! A couple of months later, I am proud to announce that Wine Secretary  is now available in the Play Store for free. It allows wine lovers to have a list in their pocket, of all the wines they have tasted.

Adding a new wine to my list is easy, I just type in the basic information and in seconds I’m done! Of course if I want to,  I can also rate the wine, and take photos of the front and back labels. To make it easier, Wine Secretary lets me search by Wine Type (Red, White, Rose, Sparkling, or Other).
This is an early version, and we are working very hard to improve the App, so your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please download the app and let us know what you think.
p.s. I would really like to have an iPhone version but it will have to wait a little… 🙁

7 thoughts on “Wine Secretary, an Android App for Wine Lovers by Wine Lovers


    2 – Il manque la mention “Vin de garde”
    et aussi avec quoi déguster tel ou tel vin 🙂

    3 – Neither I have an Android, nor an Iphone, so.. I can not try that app.
    For sure it would be a true pleasure to try and adopt !

    Quelle belle idée !

  2. I must confess that I do not read nor use any of the many good tips/tools that are “out there”. However, this one hit home with me as I am also challenged in remembering various wines that I try. Some are so good & yet so reasonably priced that it is a sin not to be able to recall and go back for more. Of course, the converse is also true.

    So, after this (indirect) admiration of your valuable “tool”, I have two questions:
    -When will the Iphone app be ready?
    -Is it possible to adapt this for PC use?


  3. I’m sure the App is Wonderful – However I recently switched to iPhone from BB – All the best in your endevour ++


  4. First I’d like to thank you for this wonderful application. Keep going you are on the right path.

    For the question “is it possible to adapt this for PC use?”, note that you can run Android applications on a PC with some emulators. Just type “run android application on pc” in Google you’ll see

    My personal issue is simple : would it be possible to have some kind of plain text export? could be CSV format to easily open it in Excel. Your application is great, but to be able to print or sort on multy criteria a CSV export would be perfect.

    Think about lucky guys having more than 300 bottles in stock 😉

  5. Great app! and on Android to boot! I’ve been looking at the apps out there but this one finally answered my needs. I used to just take pictures of the front and back labels but now I can finally write notes and rate them as well. Thank you very much for this. 🙂

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