Rufus Cappadocia, not your father’s cellist.

Listening to Rufus Cappadocia the other day on NPR, I almost had an accident! I seldom get excited about “fusion/cross-cultural music” but the more I listened to it, the bigger the smile got on my face. Just watch this clip to see what I got all excited about.

rufus cappadocia micheleroohani violoncellist

I liked what I heard so much that I made several images out of the few pictures I could find of him online. Rufus is a New York-based cellist and composer, a multilingual musician, a world music traveler, having studied and performed in a variety of traditions from American blues, folk and jazz to Spanish flamenco, Haitian vodou drumming and various styles from the Balkans, the Middle East and India. Reminding me that his last name, Cappadocia, is where Rumi lived, Rufus told me about his work with Rumi’s poetry and Vishal Vaid, the extraordinary Ghazal vocalist.

rufus cappadocia micheleroohani rumi

His CD sold out after the NPR piece but it will be in stock this week – it’s also available on iTunes. A modified cello has given him the flexibility to play in many settings with other musicians. Rufus is playing on May 18th in Oakland with Stellamara. Check it out if you live in the area.

Rufus Cappadocia stellamara

The real magician is the one who puts Jimmy Hendrix and classical Persian music together…

3 thoughts on “Rufus Cappadocia, not your father’s cellist.

  1. Thanks for introducing music of Rufus Cappadocia.. its sublime & surreal, especially his composition – Prayer.

    However I would prefer to call it confluence, not fusion which has become another word for molestation of music. One again astonished with depth & breadth of your interest

  2. Yeeeeessssss!!! Je suis conquise ! Je ne connaissais pas Rufus Cappadocia et je suis sous le charme. Je viens de commander le CD…… de nouveau disponible 🙂
    Un très grand merci pour votre éclectisme,intelligence, et intérêt dans de multiples domaines. Un bonheur que de vous avoir rencontrée, en attendant le café promis ..

  3. Loved it. Wish he didn’t have the hat on though in his video. Made him look like he was playing in a Bazaar!!! Anyway. His style reminds me of August Rush, but with the cello instead of the guitar, an urban classic.

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