Red suede shoes

It’s been a busy tough week so that’s all I have to share:

red suede shoes michele roohani

The card is from yet another under-represented French artist: Cécile Veilhan. This particular work of hers is called un printemps abricot or an apricot spring. I have most of her work but she’s still a second to my favorite, Gaelle Boissonnard

Exploration of the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.

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3 thoughts on “Red suede shoes

  1. Yep!!!!!
    I know and most of us should know that you LOVE the RED colour !
    These red suede shoes are … superb..
    Anyway .. the word of Cécile Veilhan resemble in some ways to Gustav Klimt in Art Nouveau.

    She is very talented as is Gaelle Boissonnard . Her style brings me back (with affection) to Bécassine. I like both, and boths styles can be used for different occasions.

    You said that it is all you have to share
    today ??.. Yous should not say “all”.. We discover one or two creators, and talented. Keep it on Madame 😉

    Thanks once more for sharing beauties you have around you/

  2. Hello
    Do you write in french ??
    I write english not very well…
    I love Cécile Veilhan… His paints are very very beautiful. And she’s a nice persone !
    She will make a gallery at Paris in september 08.
    There are a some of paints in “galerie Artis”

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