Santa Baby…

Guess what we all got from Santa Claus this year?

santa claus obama michele roohani

It’s been a horrendous holiday season and my images below illustrate the Christmas mood of Rodeo Drive:

via rodeo sign christmas 2009 michele roohani

The real estate market is so bad, they are giving away whole buildings!

via rodeo christmas 2008/2009 michele roohani palm trees

The haute couture has a small “sale” sign but no buyers…

via rodeo christmas 2008/2009 michele roohani ferre red

The Christmas decorations are as gorgeous as ever but with no money to spend, people are just not in the mood,

via rodeo christmas ornament 2008/2009 michele roohani reflection

and the  Cinderella slipper has to wait for a better (non-bankrupt) prince.

rene caovilla gold shoe michele roohani beverly hills cinderella

The doormen at Prada are waiting in vain too— the headless/moneyless client is entrapped in Koolhaas’ quirky cell:

michele roohani prada christmas 2008-2009 headless man

Last year’s night version of this was way more cheerful…

michele roohani reflection christmas 2008-2009 vuitton

Africa’s still bleeding in spite of De Beers pretty windows:

michele roohani reflection christmas 2008-2009 de beers

An exercise in futility if you ask me but Harry Winston is still showing off its ridiculous necklaces.

michele roohani reflection christmas 2008-2009 harry winston

The poinsettias are effortlessly beautiful and everywhere—they keep bringing a smile to my face without costing an arm and a leg.

michele roohani christmas 2008-2009 poinsettias

poinsettia michele roohani christmas

An espresso and the man of the year to wrap up the day.

michele roohani patisserie nahid christmas 2008-2009 obama man of the year

It looks like we’re going to have to take Einstein’s advice, whether we like it or not: “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

5 thoughts on “Santa Baby…

  1. Dear Michele.

    Wish to express our warmth for the season and thanks for caring,sharing and enriching our lives with hope for the new year

    Market Forecast

    Adjectives continue
    their downward spiral,
    with adverbs likely to follow.

    Wisdom, grace, and beauty
    can be had three for a dollar,
    as they head for a recession.

    Diaphanous, filigree,
    pearlescent, and love
    are now available
    at wholesale prices.

    Verbs are still blue-chip investments,
    but not many are willing to sell.

    The image market is still strong,
    but only for those rated AA or higher.
    Beware of cheap imitations
    sold by the side of the road.

    Only the most conservative
    consider rhyme a good option,
    but its success in certain circles
    warrants a brief mention.

    The ongoing search for fresh
    metaphor has caused concern
    among environmental activists,

    who warn that both the moon and the sea
    have measurably diminished
    since the dawn of the Romantic era.

    Latter-day prosodists are having to settle
    for menial positions in poultry plants,
    where an aptitude for repetitive rhythms
    is considered a valuable trait.

    The outlook for the future remains uncertain,
    and troubled times may lie ahead.
    Supply will continue to outpace demand,
    and the best of the lot will remain unread.

    by Alexa Selph

  2. The world in changing in nano-seconds, and we, human can not follow …..
    however, as said by Sri Chinmoy

    “Hope Abides

    Hope abides; therefore I abide.
    Countless frustrations have not cowed me.
    I am still alive, vibrant with life.
    The black cloud will disappear,
    The morning sun will appear once again
    In all its supernal glory.”

  3. According to rumors, so much have been bought on credit, in our world, that now, noone can pay his debts – that includes all the states, all the banks, all the industries and my humble self. The world has gone bankrupt. To clear this situation, either there will be a big war and everyone will be on the throat of the other(this can make the weapon industry and certain industries richer) or the world will act civilized, and all the currencies will be ZERO and the world will start a new life, where gold and platinum will reign.
    Normally, gold and platinum prices would go up in this situation, but just to joke with the world, someone may make their prices go down as well… As the oil came down from $150 a gallon to $ 50 a gallon, and as the platinum price went down from $ 3800 per ounce to $ 800 just in a few months. Anything can happen. But, it is
    better to have gold than anything else in these uncertain times and a year’s reserve of food and wine. (If you have the space for that)

  4. Thanks for a wonderful holiday blog! As always, your blogs are well written and I really like your great photos. Best wishes to you and your loved ones this holiday season and for a great year ahead full of health, happiness, and abundance.

    Warm Regards,

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