Christmas in Beverly Hills – a light post for nonreaders

Christmas is here with all the usual joy and gore! I took some pictures last night from my neck of the woods. Welcome to the winter in the Lala Land.

michele roohani rodeo drive christmas chandelier

We are trying so hard to look like New York or Boston in the winter holidays but Los Angeles stays Los Angeles, a comfortable 55 F on Christmas eve.

michele roohani rodeo drive christmas beverly regents hotel

The Beverly Regent (AKA the pretty woman hotel) looks great in red.

michele roohani rodeo drive christmas via rodeo

michele roohani christmas via rodeo nutcracker

“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet”

michele roohani christmas via rodeo poodles

Of course what is all this without music?

michele roohani christmas rodeo music

And these are some of my favorite store windows – the fabulous Rem Koolhaas‘ Prada flagship is amazing. I’ve always liked his Seattle public library as well.

michele roohani koolhaas prada flagship

Red has always been my favorite color.

michele roohani christmas via rodeo red dress

I have added Blue as another favorite some years ago.

michele roohani christmas  rodeo tiffany

I like them equally now.

michele roohani christmas  rodeo superman

By the way, I hate shopping/the crowd/malls – I wished people would stop accumulating extra-everythings (from candles to cars)…We all know people that are hopelessly deluded, bathed in trivia, mesmerized to the point of idiocy by almost any celebrity, amusing themselves to death, self-defeating and absurde at times. I made you read!

5 thoughts on “Christmas in Beverly Hills – a light post for nonreaders

  1. Once again beautiful photographs capture the spirit of season & equally meaningful message.

    Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.
    ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

    The gap in our economy is between what we have and what we think we ought to have – and that is a moral problem, not an economic one.
    ~Paul Heyne

  2. Il neige
    Et la blancheur s’accroît
    A cela rien d’étrange

    C’est vitesse,
    c’est lenteur
    et c’est répit pour la parole

    Le retour de minutes perdues
    En blancheur le temps
    Nous revient……

    J’ai acheté le livre “Pas sur la neige”.
    Un bonheur sans pareil.

    However… I love red too….. 😉
    Happy to meet you soon !

  3. Nuit de veille

    O Nuit aux flancs arrondis,
    Nuit propice au plaisir, à l’oubli,
    C’est à moi seule à qui ce bien est dû,
    Pour tant de larmes et tant de temps perdu.

    O Rossignol que mon cœur attendait,
    Rossignol de la nuit, aux ailerons mouillés,
    Viens à moi sans peur et sans prudence,
    Pour toute joie et toute connaissance.

    Je ne possède rien mais je T’aime.
    Je vis distante de moi-même,
    Par moi-même désertée,
    Morte d’avoir été.

    Ce moi-même perdu, là quelque part,
    Dans un coin, un endroit de hasard,
    Ce moi-même si rompu, si amer
    Sauve-le de l’orgueil, du regret.


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