President Obama, finally.

“what’s required is a new declaration of independence — from ideology and small thinking, prejudice and bigotry.” President Obama

president obama michele roohani

At last, some Law & Order and good riddance to uncurious george! I thought he’d never leave.

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These are some pictures from today’s  New York Times and they are telling…

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The euphoria was not diminished because of the bitter cold, and the whole world smiled on tuesday— a cautious sigh of relief for never having to listen to another incoherent sentence from that idiot bush or to accept some blatant  injustice shoved down our throat.

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Americans feel proud again and there is this beautiful aura of hope over everybody—in spite all other major problems—a little break.

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May all this great energy take care of some of the world’s problems…

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I am allowing myself to be hopeful—for a cynic like me, it’s not easy…

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January 20th 2009: the End of an Error

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6 thoughts on “President Obama, finally.

  1. Dear Michele:
    As you know I am not political but could not resist the change and the rise of consciousness marking a new era of change and hope. So:
    Let us focus on the justice not on the just,
    Let us focus on the change all with the trust.

    Inspired by recent presidential election and upcoming inauguration I wrote.

    Black and White
    Good news aired that government turned colored, so good be,
    Since of white saw many schemes, with black got rust free.
    Goldsmiths for the same bazaar in the war fake the sake,
    One with ding makes a noise so the other dong to take.
    Good that bad left but regret that good also will have to leave,
    Good and bad is made in mind that is why wars the worlds receive.
    Oh, how nice is that black be incumbent for you in deed,
    For with change only human could culture the good breed.
    If there was no Bush at all, of Obama who would be heard?
    Kaveh-likes emerged in world that splendor picked accord.
    If desire you the vastness, draw no border, leave deceit,
    World became tight to those who of the tightness made a fit.
    Of black except the black, the written paper’s never seen,
    For black was seen the black, the black color the black do mean.
    On the white unwritten paper white color will never show,
    Dye black face when the white like a rainbow shines and glow.
    Presume not the essence of inner source the outer one as it appears,
    For the world takes its color of the colorless ink beneath.
    Give the thought to the justice do not ask me to be the just,
    For that both the just and unjust in grave will lose the trust.
    When deceit governs the orphans to safeguard them all in tear,
    With the arm force in black and in the white makes all the fear.
    Good for those who took the wine from all time drunken Gov.
    And opened the tavern’s gate and with the harp enjoyed the love.
    Whoever came to the office just few days had the tone,
    Forever the love government with good deed has the throne.
    This few moments that I work, free of the time I rhyme,
    Tick tock of time comes from the pendulum at all the time.
    Word became word of the meaning not of words, not of edit,
    Mehr of love was born although the Cancer took all credit.
    Mehr 11/07/2008

  2. may God be with him,
    from the bottom of my heart,
    I do believe strongly in President Obama.

  3. In front of The Harvard University, which President Obama is a graduate of, the words of a German philosopher stand firmly on a wall:
    Now, on the wall of the White House, perhaps the following should be written: ” IF YOU MUST,
    YOU CAN”.
    from the preface of “Wisdom In Smile” by Askin Ozcan – ISBN 1425153X (Xlibris)

  4. In this hopeful country, Obama & Clinton. There is nothing so isolating and dehumanising as power. Not diminished one jot, avec ces deux-là, People put too much in OBAMA, the person. Change ? People are fooling themselves.

    More troops to Afghanistan. Signing on to the status quo…As Naomi Klein, I’m skeptical about Obama. I don’t expect much about from politicians, actors and attorneys.All are making deals. I disdain the political, Obama included.

  5. “This half-Luo tribesman from Hawaii whose African father had no connection whatsoever with the West African ancestors of American slaves, was not imbued, but rather hued, with significance. His melanin carried the meaning, which is to say that he was judged by the color of his skin rather than the content of his character, in a precise reversal of Martin Luther King Jr’s famous phrase.”

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