Yes he can and he did it again!

“We have a choice: we can become a shrinking regional party of middle-aged and older white men, or we can fight to become a national governing party. And to do the latter we have to fix our Hispanic problem as quickly as possible, we’ve got to accept science and start calling out these false equivalencies when they occur within our party about things that are just not true, and not tolerate the intolerant.” John Weaver (a Republican strategist)

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” Isaac Asimov

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16 thoughts on “Yes he can and he did it again!

  1. America needs a party that reminds the country of its limits, that restrains the state from trying to do more, which believes that its people, left to their own devices, will act sensibly.

    Bible-thumping social conservatives lured Romney into a corner from which he didn’t know how to get away.

  2. 4 more years, not easy but .. who says that life is easy ??

    Yes he did it again and he vill do his best.

    may all “brains” work not against, but together fo fight all difficulties.

    Only one man can not face all adversities, but a team can.
    He is a leader, and it is a blessing he could be once more THE winner.

    he is only 51 y.old and this is a chance too.

  3. Despite Americas all year round preoccupation with sports and it’s fascination for gladiator men, monopolized media feed which leaves much less time, if any, for diverse and broad intellectual growth, unless you are a reader or one who creates quiet time to think, one can not be left to their own devices.
    However I find the second term victory of Obama and his young to middle age Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Gays and others, testament to a common sense movement which hopes for a better condition and fairness, granted one can remotely consider that notion, in this day and age among those self absorbed Republican minded individuals.
    Michele, I as a hopeful romantic believed that Yes he can and he did it again…. But lets remember that it takes two to tango!
    With hope for a true partnership among all parties and brighter rays of hope and conditions for all.

  4. Thank you again and again for all these beautiful messages about your Love for Paris….and all other things!

  5. your so lost , you cant print that much money , look at the stock market today silly

    the sheep picked them , this is worse than a crisis

  6. This is a very unfortunate trend that America – or rather, “certain” Americans – have become much like many Europeans who have their heads up their rear ends. These brainless individuals will learn that socialism-in-disguise fails like it has in Greece, Portugal, Spain and even Italy which fell apart economically some years back and the US had to bail them out.

    And, by the way, it’s the same thinking that the anti-Shah Iranian “intellectuals” had adopted – and then they got the resulting nightmare.

  7. So true!
    We are all very ecstatic!
    What a beautiful day for America and for the rest of the world!
    I love your photos Michele… hope we will meet one day!

    Best wishes (from Hong Kong),

  8. Republicans are being marginalized at the national level. They are becoming a southern states party, home to the most extreme, radical, right-wing reactionaries. Even though I am not happy with everything that Omaba has or has not done, and though I voted for the Green Party in California (as Obama was far ahead of Romney), I am relieved that the President was re-elected.

  9. et …

    le jour de sa naissance est le 4 août.

    En France, dans notre histoire, la date du 4 août est … l’abolition des privilèges…

    so.. may be a sign for him to be THE american leader !

    God bless him … et toi aussi !

    Hopefully your foot is fine by now, or at least getting better !

  10. I agree – that’s exactly what I was thinking about republicans -” Hey! this is 21st century – Is the world’s problem abortion and rape?? How can they even question it? This is stupid – No body will pay attention to them anymore – they are out!
    Young people – women – black and hispanic will make the decisions for this country. White man over 65 are ouuuuut. ASSABANIAMA!!!

  11. Michele,
    As I wrote recently to an American friend:

    “The most troubling thing is what we Europeans perceive as a racial fracture within the US society. Republicans need to overcome it and your country would improve fast (surprisingly, Democrats seem forced into watching and waiting until this happens or the oldest frightened white people disappear by virtue of mere aging).”

    Watching bits and pieces of the Fox News reporting on Tuesday was also unusually intriguing. You should check the Jon Stewart episode of 07-Nov, too.

  12. Congrats and may God help us all, I know the word God is the a bad word for the INTELLECTUALISM, but it helps us IGNORAMUSES to roll up our sleeves and go to New Jersey and help the folks that needed help and will build their lives with or without government, and no we diden’t do it for the Photo up and politics like obama did, we did it for the right reasons, our small brain intellect told us to do it, and you know the funny thing was the women were not asking for abortion pill or contraception help like democrats have you believe that’s all the females are good for, they just wanted to get electricity and some fuel to help their family.
    America chose a small man with no character and no soul, another words an empty suit that was packaged and driven like a poppet that he is by his campaign manager and said nothing other than giving away my hard earned money to bunch of slackers who could help themselves but choose not to, vs. a man who could have helped us not to become another failing socialist country full of do-nothing intellectuals.
    Yes Republicans have long ways to go but I hope they don’t change their core values just to win.

  13. It seems rather ironic that people choose to properly identify themselves as to who they are in these comments such as done by Andre when he referred as someone having a “small brain”. It is so ingenuous that he names god as what he needs to depend on in order to help others and in the same breath he comes down and those he classifies as “slackers” because he thinks they are somehow taking his hard earned money. Is this god’s way as well. Hypocrisy is one of mankind’s worst traits.

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