Fa la la la la la la la la

I took the train from Paris to Zurich a couple of weeks ago and here are the things I saw; the ride is fabulous especially when it snows:

I arrived at the main Bahnhof,

And thinking about my dad who loves the famous veal sausages (Bratwurst), I had one before heading to my hotel:

The view from my hotel room was magic at dusk thanks to the snow:

I had a huge smile staring out the window the next day:

After two days I headed back to Paris but not before relishing the site of the divine Sprungli cakes; you gain weight just looking at them!

My favorite is this Vermicelles cake. “In Switzerland, chestnuts are used in a variety of desserts, most commonly in a dessert called Vermicelles where the chestnuts are sweetened in a purée and then pushed through a ricer or similar instrument to produce delicious “noodles” which can be eaten as is or as a decoration on top of cakes. Vermicelles are most commonly served atop some whipped cream with some crushed meringues for added sweetness and texture, a dessert sometimes referred to as Mont Blanc outside of Switzerland”:

The train ride back was as beautiful:

I came back and guess who was waiting for me in Paris?

Happy Holidays Everybody!



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Michele Roohani is an international graphic designer and brand marketing strategist living between California and Europe. During her many years as Creative Director of a well-known publishing company, Michele created hundreds of best selling images and award-winning products. A multicultural background, multidimensional education in the Arts and Sciences, and extensive travels, have heavily influenced Michele's cosmopolitan aesthetic, and developed her abilities to seamlessly fuse the art of different cultures in her uniquely moving images.

5 thoughts on “Fa la la la la la la la la

  1. Love is priestess at the altar of truth
    Music the expression of her praise
    and I find your Love and passion
    for life,
    these sharings
    a blessing and
    Music to my eyes,
    Many merry moments to you
    and your loved ones for today
    2013 & beyond…

  2. It is now up to you to translate that magic sentence..
    L’amour n’est pas un sentiment, c’est une oeuvre d’art

    Paul Morand

    I do believe it, heartily, deeply.
    Be well and have merry hours day after day

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