Fa la la la la la la la la

I took the train from Paris to Zurich a couple of weeks ago and here are the things I saw; the ride is fabulous especially when it snows:

I arrived at the main Bahnhof,

And thinking about my dad who loves the famous veal sausages (Bratwurst), I had one before heading to my hotel:

The view from my hotel room was magic at dusk thanks to the snow:

I had a huge smile staring out the window the next day:

After two days I headed back to Paris but not before relishing the site of the divine Sprungli cakes; you gain weight just looking at them!

My favorite is this Vermicelles cake. “In Switzerland, chestnuts are used in a variety of desserts, most commonly in a dessert called Vermicelles where the chestnuts are sweetened in a purée and then pushed through a ricer or similar instrument to produce delicious “noodles” which can be eaten as is or as a decoration on top of cakes. Vermicelles are most commonly served atop some whipped cream with some crushed meringues for added sweetness and texture, a dessert sometimes referred to as Mont Blanc outside of Switzerland”:

The train ride back was as beautiful:

I came back and guess who was waiting for me in Paris?

Happy Holidays Everybody!



5 thoughts on “Fa la la la la la la la la

  1. Love is priestess at the altar of truth
    Music the expression of her praise
    and I find your Love and passion
    for life,
    these sharings
    a blessing and
    Music to my eyes,
    Many merry moments to you
    and your loved ones for today
    2013 & beyond…

  2. It is now up to you to translate that magic sentence..
    L’amour n’est pas un sentiment, c’est une oeuvre d’art

    Paul Morand

    I do believe it, heartily, deeply.
    Be well and have merry hours day after day

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