Spring’s late start in Paris

We finally have some Spring in Paris with these Anemones (daughter of the wind)…

anemones michele roohani

“The anemone is one of the earliest flowers in spring, appearing in April, and continuing through May.  The name, anemone, or wind-flower, some writers claim, was given because it is so fragile that it withers when the wind blows over it; others say that it only blooms when the wind blows it open.”

anemones and hyacinths michele harper

One thought on “Spring’s late start in Paris

  1. ah!! Finally spring has sprung, and everywhere you just turn your back and… pop… flowers !!

    As a flowerlady.. what shall I say more than.. Yipeee!! and birds agree with me.

    Anemone in the victorian language of flowers means : forsaken, unfading love, anticipation..
    May spring be better than winter in all ways and everywhere.

    I shall recommend you a book I bought and enjoyed. A nice poignant novel by the title of
    “the language of flowers”. Author is V. Diffenbaugh and story about a little girl growing in foster-care system and communicating with flowers.

    Thanks for the delicious anemones growing in my garden as well as hyacinths

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