Noruz in Paris with Venus and Samad, the goldfish

It’s the first day of spring and the Persian new Year of 1392 starts with Noruz (No: new, Ruz: day):

Norouz 2013 michele roohani

We are celebrating in Paris with a newly converted Venus,

Noruz 1392 haft seen michele roohani

I have extensively written about the Noruz (or Nowruz, Norooz) before in my blog, so if you’ve been with me in the past 4/5 years, you must know all about the items that go on the Noruz spread.

haft seen persian norooz michele roohani

The famous “haft seen” of 7 S’s:

Nowruz goldfish samad michele roohani

My fish, Samad (his name has nothing to do with the S’s… ;)), has been with us since two Noruz’s ago and he is happy to play his role this year with the famous Haji Firouz , the politically incorrect Persian messenger of the New Year:

haji firouz nowruz 1392 michele roohani

Haji Firouz’s face is covered in soot and he is wearing bright red clothes and hat. People consider it only as a face paint and there is no racial implication.


Do you remember  Samad on my previous year’s Noruz card?

One of the S’s is Sekkeh or coin; the last Shah of Iran is overthrown even in my Haft Seen…

coins sekkeh nowruz michele roohani

It was raining in Paris on the first day of spring:

paris roofs michele harper

but I didn’t care because a bunch of hyacinths can bring the spring to your room.

hyacinths michele harper

Happy Noruz and,

Norouz paris venus michele roohani harper

happy 1392 to all of my Persian friends!

michele dordaneh roohani1392 persian new year

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My most visited blog post (and most used images without my permission) Haft seen here

Just decided to add this photo of myself (3 months old) on my mom’s lap having my first Noruz and not terribly impressed…

dordaneh first haft seen michele roohani

9 thoughts on “Noruz in Paris with Venus and Samad, the goldfish

  1. May this new year be filled with health, happinesses of all kinds, sun and joys for you, your family and all beings celebrating Noruz.
    May our prayers and everyone’s join together to bring a new peaceful year.

    ps : happy N.Year to the little baby fish

  2. Dordaneh jan, Eyde Norooz mobarak. Samad is too cute. Love your tables, they are so fun to look at. Best wishes

  3. Happy Noruz to you and all your family!!!I wish you a most fruitful and happy Year 2013! I also wanted to THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN….FOR SHARING ALL THESE FANTASTIC PICTURES WITH US!!It remains a real pleasure to receive you mail regularly….read your news and become nostalgic about old news that you want to see and read again and again!!!!

  4. oh so cute. You make my eyes full of tears… but joyful ones.
    Yet… eyes wide open you have, and how beautiful is your maman.

  5. Continue à nous émerveiller avec tes belles captures !!! et nous capturer avec tes belles merveilles !!!!

  6. Enjoyed your postings very much. Started with Norooz all the way to your pitch for wine secretary. Whole lot inbetween. Lucious and substantive. Thanks. No Android phone to down load your app yet. Will wait until you move into IPhone.

  7. I enjoyed your Haft sine pictures now that I know Samad a little more !
    Love your picture with mommy, you looked so cute. Love you

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