Paris under snow, what a magical sight…

It’s been snowing in Paris and amazingly the snow is staying so the whole city is white white white!

paris snow eiffel tower michele roohani

I had to meet a friend for lunch in Montparnasse; no bus was running in Paris yesterday so I had to take the metro which was deserted:

paris metro deserted michele roohani

it was me and the live statue of a king…

living statue michele roohani

The famous cafés of Montparnasse, like Le Select (once the haunt of Hemingway, Picasso and Henry Miller) were kind of empty,

cafe select in snow michele roohani

La Coupole was not much better,

coupole sous la neige michele harper

so we settled on some mean steak and frites and Entrecôte:

entrecote michele roohani

Who can say no to that?


I said goodbye to my friend and decided to go and take some pictures of the city under snow.

saint michel sous neige michele roohani

It snowed on bikes,

bikes snow paris michele roohani

and on flowers,

primrose snow paris michele roohani

and the café tables:

café tables paris snow michele roohani

The bouquinistes (booksellers of used and antiquarian books) had stayed home but the Notre Dame cathedral was open to me and others.

bouquiniste neige snow michele roohani

Still majestic after 800 winters!

notre dame under snow paris michele roohani

It was glorious inside; I particularly love its three large rosettes. These examples of technical and artistic genius were constructed in the 13th century. The largest two measure 13 metres in diameter:

notre dame de paris michele roohani

I was giddy by the time I left – snow makes most people like that. It reminds me of my childhood in Tehran and cancelled school days! I took a picture of myself with the Saint Michel bridge behind me.

michele roohani pont saint michele snow

I would have been happier if it wasn’t for the stupid love padlocks! They have invaded the Pont des Arts (Art Bridge)  and now it’s all the other bridges’ turn…

padlocks cadenas pont paris michele harper

The Conciergerie (where the notorious Marie Antoinette was held before being decapitated in 1793) looked beautiful in spite of the recent Disneyesque cleaning of its façade. I liked it better when it had some of its original grime…

conciergerie snow paris michele roohani

I took the metro again to go to Trocadero:

metro paris snow michele roohani

You see many things when taking the Parisian metro – some are very nice like this poster advertising an exhibition about Shahrzad and her ” Thousand and One Nights” at the World Arabe Institute:

shahrzad institut arabe paris michele roohani

and some more realistic ones like these homeless men sleeping…

homeless paris metro michele roohani

By the time I got out it had stopped snowing,

metro sign paris michele roohani

and the beautiful Eiffel tower was on time for her rendez-vous with me:

palais chaillot eiffel michele roohani

These gilded statues each had a live bird on them:

guilded statues chaillot paris eiffel michele harper

but the only one close enough for me to take a picture of was this little sparrow:

sparrow moineau snow paris michele roohani

And of course everybody could take their own tower home:

eiffel souvenirs michele roohani

I didn’t buy any but I started writing this blog to share it with you looking out from time to time to the melting snow.

home michele roohani snow

23 thoughts on “Paris under snow, what a magical sight…

  1. Looks beautiful. It’s snowing here in Scotland as well. Looking forward to our Paris visit 🙂

  2. Edith Piaf sung “the snow of Finland”

    and her dream is a true wonder.

    Finally Paris, deserted.. but what a gift for those who love silence and its music

    Quoting our famous Mime Marcel Marceau :
    Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence, and silence is full of music.

    This was so true when you wandered around.

    Thank you so much for the journey.
    Did not see any cup with hot chocolate… strange .. from you 😉

  3. I loved this post. I do not like when you get political, it is not in agreement with my poetic nature. Nature is a poem to me and you wrote it very nice dear Michele in this post. You took me with you to places I used to go. Montparnasse and Cafe Select was an often spot for me. I wish I come back there soon. The pictures are very nice and in snow even nicer. What a good thing you did spending a day and taking us with you for a tour in Paris while it is snowing. Thank you.

  4. Hi – I have just been to Paris and your photographic essay captured the beauty of the city in some really lovely vignettes. Thank you. Lenore

  5. Dordaneh jan – so beautiful – You made me to be right next to you when you were taking these pictures. I trully felt that I’m there.
    funny I was trying to imagine your face while walking in the snow, then I saw your picture

  6. La seule chose qui me fasse vraiment aimer Paris est la présence de Dordaneh dans cette ville et le regard qu’elle porte sur cette capitale.

  7. Beautiful. I have always been in awe of Notre Dame, and seeing the building even from outside brings back the feeling.

  8. Wow. What great pictures. It’s 8:30 am and you have craving steak frites!!

    Paris looks so beautiful. I wish I was a trust fund baby so I could hop on a plane and join you on a whim.

  9. Dear michele,

    thanks a lot for de beautiful pictures from paris.

    i am shideh, born in tehran en i am living in holland.

    keep in touch.

  10. Michele joon,
    What exquisite pictures. You capture more than just images, and I don’t know how you do this but you capture the sounds and fragrances of your surroundings. Your pictures are my little indulgences into another place and time. Thank you for these quick trips ;o)

  11. I don’t usually reply to your posts but I do read and enjoy them. I don’t think that many Americans have read the Thousand and One Nights but I did because my mom was a lit major. My favorite character was Sinbad (I was about ten). I remember the Harpy bird because I thought it might be related to Harper. It turns out it is: They are both derived from an Old English verb meaning “to grab”.

    I wonder if you are descended from Shaherazade?

  12. Absolutely gorgeous,… I wish we could have more evening shots through your fantastic eyes. The fabulous combination of orange lights and the famous Paris [dreamy blue] should be exquisite in that snow…!
    Great job indeed.

  13. C’est si beau!!! Paris sous la neige…

    Merci pour le tour de Paris. I loved the pIcture of Notre Dame De Paris..

  14. Paris is just so breathtakingly pretty when covered in snow, also seems more calm under the snow.

    Keep warm and enjoy the winter!
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful images ..

  15. Dear Michele,

    Between the blue weaves of the scarf
    and the umbrella who covers,
    Between the snow covered Paris
    monochromatic, grays or whites
    with deserted alleys and Metros,

    Between the quiet hum of frozen chairs
    sharing stories of Hemingway, Picasso, Miller & more,

    Between the frozen span of Eiffel and Notre Dame
    with gilded statues drifted from their Emperors and Kings,
    There is a tapestry of
    lively stories and abstract shapes,
    among the resident Sparrows, Shahrzad
    and closed book bins,
    Orange and yellow Acaulis
    Pink Steaks and yellow frites,
    Red seats, awnings and rosettes,
    Woven and shared through
    glowing cheeks and sparkling eyes
    of an exciting story telling Queen…..

    Thus comes wishes of
    many telling stories and findings
    aimed to caress, inform & excite
    your eyes, mind and heart
    from many places
    bi-coastal and continental
    through the windows and the cities
    you call home.

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