Nowruz 1389: It’s a Green Green world

First day of  Spring  2010 is the beginning of the Persian New Year of 1389—Happy Nowruz everybody!

sabzeh wheat sprouts michele roohani nowruz norooz

In previous years, I have talked a lot about Haft Seen (seven S’s on the new year’s spread) and the calendar; for this year, I decided to tell you which of the seven really symbolize Nowruz for me. One is Sabzeh or wheat sprouts (above) and the other is Sonbol, the hyacinth (below):

spring norooz michele roohani jacinthe hyacinth nowruz

I am still in Los Angeles and the Wilshire Corridor is awash in Nowruz banners like this one:

nowruz wilshire corridor farhang banner michele roohani

My little sabzeh looks lonely among downtown high-rises:

downtown los angeles sabzeh nowruz michele roohani

Being close to the L.A.’s flower market, I left to take pictures early morning and I wasn’t disappointed. I loved the fragrance of these gorgeous stocks,

giroflée stock flower michele roohani los angeles flower market

and the beautiful tulips that scream “spring is here” in so many colors:

tulips happy nowruz michele roohani spring norouz

I bought as much as I could carry and rushed home to take pictures.

sabzeh hyacinth norouz michele roohani marina del rey

As a child, I remember listening to the Iranian singer, Pouran Shapouri, sing Eyd oumad bahaar oumad…

pouran shahpouri iranian singer jadidonline michele roohani

in our new Eyd dresses (new year’s dress) that my mom had made for my sister and I.

new year nowruz dresses michele roohani iris and ivy

Vigen’s song, Shokoufeh (blossom), was another of my favorites as the harbinger of Nowruz.

cherry blossoms shokoufeh michele roohani spring

 يكي دو روز ديگر از پگاه
چو چشم باز مي‌كني
زمانه زير و رو
زمينه پرنگار مي شود


زمين شكاف مي‌خورد
به دشت سبزه مي‌زند
هر آن چه مانده بود زير خاك
هر آنچه خفته بود زير برف

جوان و شسته رفته آشكار مي‌شود

نگار من
اميد نوبهار من
لبي به خنده باز كن
ببين چگونه از گلي
خزان باغ ما بهار مي‌شود

 سیاوش کسرایی

 Sabzeh shows up in the new year celebrations in many countries:

michele roohani sabzeh nowruz Kyrgyzstan tajikistan

Let’s not forget my favorite, the goldfish:

nowruz goldfish michele roohani haft seen

Goldfish in a bowl represents life and the end of the month of Esfand (pisces).

nowruz 1389 michele roohani hyacinths norouz norooz

for more on the traditions of Nowrouz: NoRuz, Norouz, haft-seen, haft-sheen, etc…

Norouz 1388, the blooming of a new year
Pouran singing about Eyd

a great slide show of  Nowruz gold fish farms

9 thoughts on “Nowruz 1389: It’s a Green Green world

  1. Dordaneh jan, as usual you outdid yourself. I enjoyed your beautiful pictures. Eydet mobarak and I wish that this year brings a lot of health, happiness and prosperity
    Love you my dear friend, kisses

  2. There’s an Islamic mystical tradition that you may have heard of, Michele.

    Khidr – the Green Man

    The Islamic Legend of Khidr

    According to legend, Alexander the Great happened to obtain a copy of Adam’s will which mentioned that God had created a magical spring behind Mt. Oaf, the mountainous barrier around the world, which was located in the Land of Darkness. The water of this spring “was whiter than milk, colder than ice, sweeter than honey, softer than butter and sweeter smelling than musk.” (13) It also granted eternal life to those who drank from it. Khidr, taking Alexander’s army with him, entered the Land of Darkness and found the spring. He bathed in the water, drank of its sweetness, and became immortal. However, when he attempted to show Alexander his find it had become lost once again. Another version of this legend states that Khidir fell into the Well of Life, gained immortality and became the Green Man. (14) Khidr is regarded among the Sufi followers as the Guide to the Sufi Path and is said to appear before Sufi adepts, in their sleep or in person, to help them on their way.

    Khidr was also, in legend, a companion to Moses. Khidr’s name, according to lore, is associated with the color green and it is said that even the rock upon which he prayed turned to green. (15) Like the Green Man, Khidr “is perceived as a representative of nature and as a source of supernatural wisdom who lives both inside and outside time and is therefore immortal.”

    Tom Cheetham, an authority on Islamic mysticism, identifies Khidr of esoteric Sufism with the Green Man. In his book about the work of Henry Corbin and others concerning the 12th-century Muslim saint Ibn Arabi, he develops the idea of the Green Man/Khidr as the principle mediating between the imaginary realm and the physical world.[16]
    Osiris, lord of the dead. His green skin symbolizes re-birth.

    On a similar theme, author on spirituality and architecture William Anderson writes:[17]

    There are legends of him (Khidr) in which, like Osiris, he is dismembered and reborn; and prophecies connecting him, like the Green Man, with the end of time. His name means the Green One or Verdant One, he is the voice of inspiration to the aspirant and committed artist. He can come as a white light or the gleam on a blade of grass, but more often as an inner mood. The sign of his presence is the ability to work or experience with tireless enthusiasm beyond one’s normal capacities. In this there may be a link across cultures, …one reason for the enthusiasm of the medieval sculptors for the Green Man may be that he was the source of every inspiration.

    A few more references:

  3. چه دعايي کنمت بهتر از اين، خنده ات از ته دل
    گريه ات از سر شوق،روزگارت همه شاد،
    سفره ات رنگارنگ،تنت سالم و شاد،
    که بخندي همه عمر

    Dear Michele,
    Another year gone by
    and a new one in sight
    thankful to your sharings
    of life and death, recite…

    So I find it timely to wish you
    your family and friends,
    more than anything,

    Perpetual good health,
    Peace of mind,
    Joy, laughter and Luck,
    in every No Rouz
    of this coming year.

    Aid Asto Bahar Ast
    Beh Golzar

    Andak Na o
    Penhan Na o
    Besyar Bekhandid!

  4. میشل عزیز
    بهارت مبارک باد
    امید که هزار سال دیگر نیز پیام آور زیبای بهار باشی

  5. درخت غنچه برآورد و بلبلان مست اند
    جهان جوان شد و یاران به عیش بنشستند
    Thanks for the nice photos,and nostalgic words stated as a comments.
    Your fan from Persia

  6. Dear Michele..

    Lovely and colourful Pictures and we share and reciprocate your greetings, thoughts and festivities ..

    Observe the wonders as they occur
    Around you. Don’t claim them.
    Feel the artistry moving through,
    And be silent.

    – RUMI

  7. نوروز به کام دوست عزیز
    تو پیش از ما سبز بودی این را من نمی گویم این پنجره می گوید تو بیش از ما سبز بودی

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