Easter run over by chocolate rabbits

Maundy Thursday followed by Good Friday (Black Friday) and Easter Sunday are,  according to Christian scripture,  the days during which Jesus was resurrected from the dead after his crucifixion.

What does all this have to do with chocolate bunnies?

I guess these cute rabbits are happy about Jesus’ resurrection!

I wonder if they sell chocolate in Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem? These rabbits don’t look like they are going anywhere close to the Way of Grief...

“The Easter Bunny is very similar in trait to its Christmas holiday counterpart, Santa Claus, as they both bring gifts to children on the night before their respective holiday.”

Sprungli, one of Switzerland’s most important confectionery producers, drive kids crazy with their chocolate eggs and rabbits.

An army of rabbits…

Eggs, like rabbits are fertility symbols. Since birds lay eggs and rabbits give birth to large litters in the early spring, these became symbols of the rising fertility of the earth at the Vernal Equinox (Nowruz).

Eggs were forbidden to Catholics during the fast of Lent, which was the reason for the abundance of eggs at Easter time. I took these pictures from my favorite florist, Marsano.

This big rabbit sets you back $190!

Happy Spring everybody.

7 thoughts on “Easter run over by chocolate rabbits

  1. Actually in many Catholic churches this feast is referred to as Resurrection Sunday and the Mass of the Resurrection is celebrated. there is no mention of “Easter” in the Bible, neither in Hebrew nor in Christian Scriptures. Easter is basically a derivation of the name of the Spring Goddess. Many christians, catholics in particular, would be greatly surprised to find out that eggs & bunnies are symbols of fertility and were part of pagan rituals at the Vernal Equinox and for religious ceremonies. Nevertheless, it is understandable that such practices have become “traditional.” What is sad is that once again a “religious/spiritual” feast has been turned into a commercialistic event.

  2. Hi,

    thank you so much for the pictures and the relevant little note on it. Should have guessed, bunnies and eggs… fertility.. 🙂

    Its sad cause globally all festivals are events of monetization, people also use them largely to display their capacity to spend rather then feel spiritual about it.


    Cheers and thanks once again.. i am a big fan of your blog…


  3. That’s what I kept saying, what do chocolate bunnies have to do with it? I watched a HUGE display of expensive chocolate Lindt bunnies disappear the Thursday before Easter Friday from the local pharmacy store…I thought for sure much of it would be left over on special after Easter but before the end of thursday not a single bunny was to be found. Talk about consumption!

    As fertility symbols, I also find it funny that we have little children go on egg hunts.

    Your photos, as always, are nonetheless mouthwatering! lol.

  4. Je rejoins le commentaire de Marguerite Papineau dans la mesure où l’abondance d’oeufs à Pâques ne me semble pas avoir un rapport avec l’interdiction faite aux catholiques de manger des oeufs pendant la période de Carême. En effet, les catholiques qui jeûnent les Jeudi et Vendredi Saints peuvent manger des oeufs.

  5. Easter for me, grown up in Zurich, will always be about chocolate, not eggs, not fertility, not any Catholic notions. My eyes, not mouth, so missed this visual feast of chocolate bunnies of all kinds with cheerful chocolate eggs that so appeal to the kid inside of, maybe all over me. Thanks for giving me what has been so sorely missed this season!

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