Ms. Foodie goes to Hollywood

After living for a few months in Switzerland, I couldn’t wait to get to my favorite Cuban restaurant in Los Angeles, Versailles; everything tastes more delicious and was way cheaper in the good old U.S. of A.

The most famous item in the menu is the garlic chicken and even for somebody who is not a “beer person”, this Corona was just too good to miss:

I tried to go back and rediscover all the inexpensive great restaurant of my hometown like the King and I where they still serve the best Thai food since the first glass noodles I had there 25 years ago.

To have the best restaurant cheeseburger in Los Angeles (Tommy’s is still great), I went back to the Westside Tavern—they have a gorgeous bar,

and they serve a rare cheeseburger to die for:

I love old diners (my first impression of America remains diners with bad coffee in New Jersey and New York) and I miss Bob’s Big Boy in Santa Monica; Coogie’s who replaced it has a super fresh simple chopped salad:

Nothing says more southern California than a killer burrito like this world famous border burrito from Eduardo’s Border Grill in Westwood (surviving the attack of Persian restaurants in the area):

The dudes are preparing them with tender loving care,

worth every cent of its 8 dollar price!

So I am not very beer, or burrito or hamburger but Switzerland does this to the poor Californian foodie who comes back: I wanted to eat everything in every menu of every restaurant!

Lemons and limes are always fresh at Eduardo’s,

so are different kinds of salsas:

It takes mediocre expensive food to change Ms. life is too short for bad food and cheap wine‘s  opinion about inexpensive modest restaurants of L.A.

All of the above places were great and gave me a lot of pleasure (and poundage!) but the tea at André’s was as usual priceless…

8 thoughts on “Ms. Foodie goes to Hollywood

  1. I love your blog, but this is one of my absolute favorite entries. I’m so impressed you went off the beaten path and didn’t pick the trendy, hipster places.

  2. I looooooooooooooooved your “Ms. Foodie goes to Hollywood” post! Your awesomely artistic pictures & delicious food descriptions of your favorite food hangout in LA truly made me feel envy your visits to these restaurants, & wished I had been there enjoying such delicious experiences with you!

    Like you, I am also a frequent traveler of our world, & have never been found of the food anywhere in Switzerland (even though I love to ski there)! You must have been on some kind of work related assignment to last a few months of stay in Switzerland. Thank you for your blog posts & sharing of your very interesting & informative experiences. Perhaps, if “Ms. Foodie” likes to check out some great food hangouts in Washington, D.C. metro are (where I live), I can be of help!

  3. What does it mean : “foodie”?
    Quoiqu’il en soit, en Suisse, il faut manger des saucisses de veau, du rössti…Et je conçois que cela rende nostalgique des burgers, tacos et tortillas.
    Il faut venir en France. Malgré l’invasion des Mac Donald’s, KFC et autres destructeurs de goût, il est encore possible de manger correctement pour pas cher. Ainsi, le grandissime Paul Bocuse a ouvert une saladerie à Lyon où l’on croque de délicieux sandwichs.

  4. I agree with philippe above, the “Kalbs Bratwurst” is one good thing about Swiss food, even though I had sworn off meat since my teens. You did not like the food at the Hiltl Vegetarian Restaurant? I love their buffet, what a selection of salads of all kinds, and their Thai dish and ah, and their delicious Fennel/Lemon and something else, Ginger? fresh juices. I tasted the best freshly baked Spelt Hallah bread outside of Zuerich and was hooked instantly. Oh and Muesli, from fresh fruit and yoghurt and Waehe, fruit pie of sorts on whole grain crust fresh from the oven, a tradition of Fridays. These are a few of the items I truly miss in the US.

  5. Yes, that’s the only place I gotten mine in my last stay. And behind it the best African disco used to go on until 4 AM Wednesday mornings.

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