Another Spring, Another Nowruz, Nature can be kind…

Nature can be kind even though it has not been so in the last few days in Japan…I went out to park Montsouris, close to my apartment in Paris to take some pictures from the gentler side of Nature.

Everything was so beautiful I almost forgot the Japanese meltdown (nuclear and else…) for a few minutes; the purple crocus made me nostalgic:

I was born in Khorasan, the world’s most important saffron producing region, and the yellow pistils of this modest bulb flower is what becomes the most expensive spice in the world: zaferan or saffron.

Now back to the park where the most flamboyant were the primaveras (primulas):

I ask the eternal question: is anything more effortlessly beautiful than a flower?

I have to wait for the tulips to come out one of these days:

nature weaves beautiful rugs:

The pink blossoms over a stream were so pretty:

This one was earlier today at Saint Germain:

but right outside my place, the pansies were going crazy:

I took the picture with a big smile on my face—I love pansies—and later today I made this dress out of these gorgeous flowers:

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“Pourquoi les hommes ne savent-ils pas
Que la capucine n’est pas un hasard…” Sepehri


11 thoughts on “Another Spring, Another Nowruz, Nature can be kind…

  1. Dear Michele
    Thank you for bringing a beautiful spring into my eyes. I like your dress made of flowers.
    Happy Nowruz to you

  2. Bonjour! Superbes photos en verite.merci pour la decouverte du khorasan et du nowruz.

  3. And in turn, I wish you a year with abundance of flwers, as beautiful as the ones in your last Post.

    Eid-e shomaa mobaarak: ” نوروز ”

    در آستان لحظه‌ی میعاد

    خاک ناگهان سینه چاک داد

    و هزار سبز ملوس

    ز بطن باغچه دمید؛

    قلب زمین طپید،


    سال تحویل شد:

    بلور نور آبگینه لب پر زد انگار

    و از پشت پنجره خورشید

    در صیقلای آینه خندید…..

    و بهارِ نگارین

    -سوار مرکبِ زرّین غبار نسیم –

    از راه سر رسید.

    یکباره باغ شکوفان شد؛

    به لُختِ شاخه‌ها شکوفه شکفت؛

    پرنده به شوق از آ‌‌شیانه پرید

    و به نور و آب و آفتاب سلام گفت

    و جویبار به رقص طراوت در آمد و هلهله سر داد.



    چه فرخنده زادروزی است

    نوروز :

    میلاد پر شکوه طبیعت.


    جهانگیر صداقت فر

    تیبوران- ۱۰ مارس ۱۹۹۳

  4. dearest michele,
    may i wish you for 21 march, at 23:00 hrs, a very happy, healthy Now Rooz!!
    greetings, and lots of hughs,

  5. Dear Michele

    Wishing you & Family Happy Nowruz and thanks for the sharing refreshing photos, Nature’s palette, much needed beauty in today’s troubled time…


  6. Dear Michele,,,
    Happy Norooz,although we are half Persian and been in Kuwait for almost more than 115 years in Kuwait,I do love this Norooz Eid since Iran is very next to Kuwait or Emirates in the Persian Gulf which it will be very easy to go and see this traditional Norooz in fact I went to KEESH Island with some Iranian friends and it was amazing Island as if in European country and the Iranian Government made it so easy for American to visit the KEESH Island without entry visa.

  7. May man become one with nature, with its true self, the reflection of life, we are merely an image of the totality we seek to grasp. Norouz hamegee mobarak, let us pray for Japan and the wisdom that man should be one with nature! Life will show us the way, only when see ourselves as a part of this totality, the very essence of our existence! God bless Iran and all the people who believe in life and our wisdom!We love you and your message of hope!

  8. The flowers are beautiful, I can’t wait to see them myself…

    I think the dress you made is even more beautiful. Maybe it could be at the top of the post so everyone sees it right away?

  9. Dear Michele,
    I saw your blog for the first time today when I was searching some photos about Norouz in google. It’s amazing, I love everything about your blog.
    Happy Norouz and all the best in the new year.

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