Dog eat Dog

It seems we can’t get away from the lipstick, the pit bull and the dog eat dog atmosphere of the circus of American presidential elections! To ease the general anxiety here are some pictures of real dogs and cats.

red leash dog michele roohani

Dogs are hot these days—many people prefer them to having children. They say when you get a dog you are buying yourself a tragedy…

hound dog michele roohani

Man’s best friend,

dog in a phone booth michele roohani

this image will give nightmares to mullahs: a dog on a persian rug!

amber dog persina rug michele roohani

I am not a cat person – I had to look hard in my archives to find these two pictures.

cat on man’s back reading michele roohani

Funny background:

cat with doggy curtain michele roohani

If I had a choice I would have loved to have a beagle like this one who will always be my favorite dog or a border collie. Maybe in another life…

chuck brown snoopy michele roohani peanuts

“Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.” Mary Bly