Et in Arcadia ego, Memento Mori, fragile cargo

Glass has always fascinated me – they call Antoine Leperlier, an unclassifiable artist, a glass sculptor.I  was transfixed by the unusual works of art by Leperlier in Musée nationale de ceramique.


He’s using old text and adages like “et in Arcadia ego” to emphasize his take on time and human history. interrupted movements in glass like pictures taken on high speed film. frozen poetry.


“chaos” has a special place in Leperlier’s work; “continual struggle between permanence and flux, cosmos and chaos, being and nothingness”…



the only other artist that i know in this caliber would be the great Dale Chihuly.

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  1. I am always transported by the lushness and imaginative style of your work. Thank you for adding me to your list of people to notify as each new post appears. It is an irresistible invitation.

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