The best cartoons I’ve seen lately

A great cartoon can make you want to laugh, cry, and think all at once. These are the best cartoons I’ve seen lately:

massoud ziaei cartoon michele roohani law and order

Massoud Ziaei’s works are little gems:

massoud ziaei cartoon michele roohani moon


massoud ziaei cartoon michele roohani red carpet airplane

and for the bibliophile:

massoud ziaei cartoon michele roohani books

The following are from this young cartoonist:

majid amini cartoon michele roohani signs

his humor is getting darker:

majid amini cartoon michele roohani soldiers

and darker:

majid amini cartoon michele roohani fish

I laughed a lot seeing this one from Hamid Bahrami right after the batman movie:

hamid bahrami cartoon batman loverboy

hamid bahrami cartoon batmanand family

I love his light/bright sense of humor:

hamid bahrami cartoon fig leaf michele roohani

There are some very sad cartoons:

razor heads

 the quiet gnawing pain of children of divorce.

divorce javad alizadeh michele roohani

After the great masters, Ardeshir Mohassess,

ardeshir mohassess michele roohani

and Kambiz Derambakhsh,

kambiz derambakhsh michele roohani cartoon

these young artists— mentioned earlier—bring in a sense of freshness. This is a very funny one called frustration from Randall Munroe:

randall munroe frustration

and one from the late Roger Blachon:

roger blachon sports michele roohani

and this from Roger Tetsu (passed away in 2008 like Blachon—bad year for cartoonists named Roger):

roger testsu michele roohani museum

and  last but not least, one from the great Sempé

sempé petites ballerines michele roohani

I found this fabulous Russian site that archives many cartoonists’ work; once you’re in, there is no coming out soon…

9 thoughts on “The best cartoons I’ve seen lately

  1. Interesting selection of cartoons Michele! But some appear borderline melancholic to me! 🙂
    I’m a Far Side kind of guy but I like all cartoons (and animation) since they represent a medium where a message can be expressed with complete control over the form, nearly from the bottoms up. We apparently feel different about cartoon characters than movie characters, maybe because their inexistence is explicit and their world a fantastic construct that mirrors ours only in sketch. The pastel colored walls, and the sharp, dark outlines of these larger than life figures are fascinating. The characters and the message is a reflection of the artist’s imagination and that’s why politicians hate them. They represent a pressing finger on their sores, their shortcomings, and one more unsurmountable obstacle between them and their immediate, and natural tendency to corrupt with power.

  2. Sempé est un des plus grands dessinateurs de presse en France, voire dans le monde.Il a une remarquable intelligence des situations qu’il évoque à travers ses dessins. Je recommande vivement sa trilogie :”Rien n’est simple”, “tout se complique” et “sauve qui peut”…Ces trois ouvrages sont un régal pour l’intelligence.

  3. Humor has always been one of the best means of resisting oppressors. That’s the last thing they can take away. I’m pleasantly surprised to see that Masoud Ziaei can make his artistic statements from within in Iran. I hope this means there is more freedom there than is commonly portrayed in the western media.

  4. Excellent cartoons! Thank you.
    Here is one converted into words: (A first prize winner – Romanian ?)
    “A BLIND man wants to suicide, by lying on the rail road, but by mistake, he places the ‘ good-bye’ letter on the railroad track, and he himself lies a few meters before the track. No risk!” (Because he is blind!) (which we said in the beginning, didn’t we?)

    Askin Ozcan

  5. Brilliant Selection.

    They express irony & contradiction of our life. Cartoons, like all humour, are asymmetry of patterns.

    The artist is the antennae of the race. -Esra Pound

  6. I really don’t think the batman cartoon is funny, In fact it’s making fun of somebody else’s religion, Would you bear it if somebody made fun of your religion? I don’t think so..I would really like it if you think again about it

    Thank You

  7. Good selection!! sweet bitter reflections of what we know and judge of life and its attachments!! and that’s a cartoonist job!! Nice job to you and other cartoonists, dordaneye honarmande irooni!!

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