“Guess who’s coming to dinner”—at the white house?

Wow…It looks like I wasn’t the only one thinking about this movie when thinking about an Obama presidency—I even beat Frank Rich to this one! A U.S. President with a white mother and black father who met in Hawaii? New idea? Over the top? think again guys: Guess who’s coming to dinner was already talking about this in 1967:

And my favorite Star Trek episode—Let that be your last battlefield—has been the precursor of a more tolerant America in 1966:

Obama will most likely be the next  U.S. President and not a minute too soon.

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3 thoughts on ““Guess who’s coming to dinner”—at the white house?

  1. Great movie, but let’s not forget, this is the kind of confidence that can backfire! It’s all about turnout and Democrats are notoriously disorganized. This is why they have mastered the art of losing elections. I’ll do my part of voting for Obama but I’m holding my breath until McCain’s concession speech Tuesday night. All I know is that I don’t want to be in the next president’s shoes, whoever he ends up being … The inevitability of economic disaster and significant challenges within the next 4 years seem daunting though. Both campaign’s plans will increase the National Debt and hope alone does not make for an economy. Let’s hope that Obama can part the Potomac River and raise the dead. If not, let’s at least hope that he acts as intelligently and lucidly as he has stirred his campaign up until now. Let’s Hope! 🙂

  2. 86% of the U.S. industries are geared for war – directly or indirectly. Directly: manufacturing of weapons; indirectly: production of food, clothes, health articles and other services which cater to the army.
    So, whether the Democrats or Republicans win can not make a difference, as the U.S. industries will anyway prevail and continue on their old tracks.

    Askin Ozcan

    An interesting press-release:
    “White house gets a quote in Wisdom In Smile”

  3. I’m happy to say I’m the first one here to congratulate you, Michele, and the American citizens for an historical event, made by the American people, not only one community.

    It’s a great day.

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