Hillary Clinton in chador and the three KH’s—Khomeini, Khamenei, Khatami

Hillary Clinton in chador is not as far-fetched as we may imagine! Ahmadinejad is already calling for a mutually respectful dialog and the white house is more than eager to oblige…

hillary clinton in black chador iran michele roohani scarf

It took a Nixon to go to China and it will take a Clinton to go to Iran. Only the one who threatened to “obliterate” Iran can now go and mend the thirty year wound between the Great Satan and the Angelic mullahs…

The United States needs Iran’s cooperation to take care of its problems in  Iraq, Palestine (read Hamas and Hezbollah), Afghanistan and now Pakistan. To understand a bit better I suggest reading Roger Cohen’s articles from Tehran.

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Now I would like to clarify once and for all, the mystery of three KH’s for my foreign friends— it’s been unfortunate and confusing that the three important leaders of the islamic republic have last names starting with a KH.

These are not the same person even though they do look alike with that black turban but let’s remember the actual ranking:

Khomeini (the leader of the islamic revolution who—20 years after his death—still induces nightmares for the foreign leaders),

Khamenei (today’s supreme leader since Khomeini’s death)

and Khatami (twice president of the islamic republic).

khomeini khamenei khatami islamic republic

On a less depressing note, I recommend reading Michael Axworthy’s  book about “the remarkable perseverance of Iran’s cultural identity”—in spite of the turbans and the KH’s…

Michael Axworthy history of iran michele roohani

I am a big “Law & Order” fan; who knew that Ahmadinejad will be mentioned in one of the episodes. If this is not a sign of things to come people I don’t know what is! It’s amazing all the positive coverage Iran is getting; maybe they have hired a PR firm…

3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton in chador and the three KH’s—Khomeini, Khamenei, Khatami

  1. “Most misfortunes are the result of weakness of will” Lydie Rosier

    From last night’s Oscar presentation, to presidential election activities of June 12th in Tehran,
    one may elect to find a wide gap and disconnect,
    yet at a closer look, the land of Persia and Hollywood strive in extending their ideologies, and make beliefs through an effective tool,
    be it in the form of Conversation or, Imagery. They aim to Communicate.

    The first known conversationalist was Socrates, who replaced the war of words by dialogue. Unfortunately to date,the war of words we have been witness to between the former US administration and speakers for the “Velayat-e-fagih”, have been a monologue.
    Perhaps Socrates did not invent dialogue, which was originally a Sicilian mime or puppet play, but he introduced the idea that individuals could not be intelligent on their own, that they needed someone else to stimulate them.

    “The enemy of conversation is rhetoric, disputation, jargon and private language, or despair at not being listened to and not being understood. To flourish, it seems the help of midwifes, of either sex: women have generally shown more skill at this task, but there were times in the history of feminism when some gave up on conversation, and staked all on persuasion.” Theodore Zeldin

    Hilary’s role as a midwife despite her obliteration comments toward Iran couldn’t be too far fetched.

    In the grand scheme of mending the 30 year breakup, the feedback of such knowledgeable individuals such as Roger Cohen’s daily report from Iran, including his latest from Isfahan “What Iran’s Jews Say”, to Michael Axworthy’s wonderful book, the opinions of many such as Vali Nasr, Hooman Madjd, Azar Nafisi, and your stimulating intellectual and artful contributions Michele, to name a few, can only collectively help many to reach their critical mass, and I welcome them with great optimism and appreciation.

    But if reading is not one’s cup of tea, perhaps Cognac is worth visiting!, not just because it makes a famous liqueur, which loosens tongues, with or without a shot of espresso, nor because it has an old chateau, although staying at Chateau de l’Yeuse which is a 19th century building in the city of Chateaubernard and gives you a better perspective overlooking Cognac; but because it is the birth place of Jean Monnet, the founder of Europe, which has replaced war by debate.

    In this new era of “Yes we can” and hope, the scenario and plot, may call the custom department for a chador or suit, turban and a^ba, or Magistrate’s wig and gown, and many others, with aim to only facilitate the delivery of the message, and strengthen the prospects of hope for peace through respect.
    Success of such message and its wrap deserves not only an Oscar but a Nobel!

  2. I am keeping my fingers crossed that our new communicator in chief will lead the USA on to new paths.

    The American and Iranian populations have been hearing for decades now that the other side is the enemy. But that is changing fast, coverage of Iran in the US media has become much more even-handed (eg. Rick Steeves show on Iran, coverage in the NYT that you mentioned, etc.)

    This change should make it possible for Obama to start convincing the general population that it’s in our interest to negotiate with Iran.

  3. With the big loss of Hezbollah in Lebanon on June 7th and the incoming Iranian election next Friday, Obama the “Radical Slyer” is on a good path. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Iranians do the right thing and go to the polls.

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