The gorgeous Alain Delon

Alain Delon is the most handsome man of Cinema—I say is because he’s always the same age when you are watching his films. I just saw The Samurai again and took these pictures. I go back to these old films for their art direction and their history.

alain delon le samourai montage michele roohani

Just look at these timeless shots of The Samurai:

alain delon le samourai blue car michele roohani

No Cary Grant can touch him here:

alain delon le samourai last secene michele roohani

So modern in this beautiful shot:

alain delon le samourai cage michele roohani

Delon is very succinct in this film,

alain delon le samourai blue corridor michele roohani

my favorite scene of the whole movie:

alain delon le samourai metro michele roohani

Netflix is making it so much easier to find these old films. I got to watch L’Avventura last night and Antonioni’s poetic compositions were arresting:

l’avventura monica vitti terrace michele roohani

Monica Vitti is divine in these shots from 50 years ago…

l’avventura monica vitti stairs michele roohani

Today’s generations think they have invented these styles/fashions; our arrogance fades after watching a couple of these films.

l’avventura monica vitti mirror michele roohani

50 years ago people…And you wonder where Barbie (who turns 50 this week) got her image from…

l’avventura monica vitti close up michele roohani

I just loved this shot,

l’avventura monica vitti corridor women michele roohani

these close-ups are amazing,

l’avventura monica vitti newspaper michele roohani

The visual language of these films is so relevant after all these years.

l’avventura monica vitti Gabriele Ferzetti michele roohani

Gabriele Ferzetti is smashing and looks so 21st century:

l’avventura Gabriele Ferzetti michele roohani

Shot mostly in Sicily—Noto and Messina, the architect protagonist is in his element:

l’avventura  Gabriele Ferzetti michele roohani

and here,

l’avventura bar Gabriele Ferzetti michele roohani

and this is how I did all of this:

l’avventura chez moi Gabriele Ferzetti michele roohani

This was my homage to  Alain Delon.

Added on 5/22/09:

My friend Mitra called me this morning, super excited about the Cannes Film Festival’s official poster which looks so much like the images i have in this post:

avventura cannes poster michele roohani

Did somebody flatter me by copying me?

16 thoughts on “The gorgeous Alain Delon

  1. I love Alain Delon. I even had his poster in my room when I was growing up as a child! It’s funny but even thousands of miles away from Delon’s home, whenever an Iranian woman wanted to make a derogatory comment about someone acting haughty she would say, “Who does he think he is, Alain Delon?!” Sometimes, faces transcend cultures and boundaries and Mr. Delon’s face seemed captivating to many a young and old women around the world, and even the occasional teenage boy who fantasized about a life of looking like him!
    He of course was a part of many great movies. One such Hollywood movie I personally like (although he had a very small role in it) was “The Yellow Rolls Royce,” a good movie all around. I’m sure others have their own experiences with the time frame he represented in their own history; but for me, he is and will forever remain an unforgettable figure in the French Cinema and a gentle reminder of my childhood.

  2. Dear Michele

    I do not know much about Alain Delon however thanks to your post will learn & read about him

    Essentially, you have a fine community of followers and you lead us along a fascinating pathways..

    Thanks for sharing

  3. I like and I don’t like Alain Delon..

    Yes very handsome guy.. but knowing this, playing the game.. and of course “coqueluche” of so many women/girls… and making them so unhappy…. Sorry for unknowing how to translate this word “coqueluche” in proper english way to be understood..
    However I like very much his skills as great actor, and also how good (and more)
    in art. He has a wonderful collection of sculptures, paintings and so on.. and I admire
    what he does for art alltogether.

    Also.. I love the B/W pictures you have added.. So dreamy.. And Monica Vitti!!!!!!!!
    so beautiful…. I have always admired her. Blond, thin, sexy. Great!

  4. What a beautiful presentation of someone I had little awareness of. I remembered his name, but little else, thank you!

  5. Thanks for another banquet of beautiful images.

    I’ll be watching L’Avventura first hand soon and trying to spot your shots.

  6. Alain Delon a été un très bon acteur quand il a été très bien dirigé par le metteur en scène : Visconti dans Le Guépard, Jean-Pierre Melville (qui adorait le film noir américain) dans Le Samouraï, Joseph Losey dans Monsieur Klein et, bien sûr, Antonioni…Cependant, les différents personnages interprétés ont quelques stéréotypes qui tiennent au caractère de l’acteur et qui ont été bien utilisés par les metteurs en scène. Lorsque Delon a parfois réalisé les films dans lesquels il était acteur, il a cessé d’être talentueux pour devenir médiocre, caricatural dans son rôle de macho souffrant en silence. Le sourire carnassier de sa jeunesse ne servait plus qu’à montrer une dentition en parfait état et ayant subi des séances de “tooth whitening”. Bref, Delon n’existe pas sans un grand metteur en scène.

  7. My friend Mitra called me this morning, super excited about the Cannes Film Festival’s official poster which looks soooo much like the images i have in my march 1st post. Did somebody flatter me by copying me?

  8. Dear Michele,
    Good ideas go a long way and are copied. I am 69 and boast of a dozen of my ideas having been stolen and copied and brought a fortune to their
    thieves with no dollar for me:
    1- I had told a Russian beauty 23 years ago a few ideas which are all stolen and copied:
    Vodka Gorbatschow, Gorby’s Pirogs, Gorby’s Mode. (I had suggested to get Mr. Gorbatschow’s permission first.Her accomplices didn’t do this and excluded me totally.)
    (Mr. Gorbatschow patented his name later and sued the parties who produced these brand names and is getting compensation from them. (Details in my book “STOCKHOLM STORIES” – ISBN 1425771629
    2-IAPA (International Air Passenger Association)
    was also my idea.
    3- Ideas in my book “SMALL MIRACLES” were copied and published in a book with a similiar name.
    4- I coined the term “McBigBite” in my book, “THE SECOND VENICE” and I saw last week, a known fast food chain has hot dogs titled “Big Bite” – maybe not copied- just inspired.
    Many years after I copyrighted this book, in which I suggested “Second Venices” can be built in the U.S.A., a hotel has come into being in Las Vegas, looking like Venice…
    5- I had started a company in Toronto, named INTERDEX to organise trade exhibitions (in 1974)
    and many years later a Turkish company came into being (inspired by my Turkish partner in Toronto) with the name INTERTEX and made a fortune with trade exhibits in many countries.
    I am sure many of your ideas as a good artist, will be subject to the same “compliments sans paiment!” (good enough French?)

    They even want to copy human beings these days…End of art?
    My very best regards. We remain as good artists,
    they are only “copiers”.
    Mind you, at one university where I studied architecture, I also copied from a girl, answer to a calculus question, in the exam, which I could by no means solve myself.
    Askin Ozcan

  9. Thank you, Michele,
    I agree with you
    Alain Delon is the most handsome actor forever. It is surprising, but he looks very uptodate even in his films in the sixties. And he is also the great actor too, inspite the series of the similar roles in all his cops stories.
    But we remember his best roles in Plein Soleil, Samurai, Once a thief and others.
    Happy birthday, Mr. Delon! You are phantastic. We love you.

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  11. Here is my Russian-to-English translation of the comment by DelsWheerly from a year ago:
    “Excellent blog, interesting and useful content!”
    Personally, i would add “beautiful and inspirational”.

  12. Bonsoir,
    bel hommage à Jean Ferrat, bel hommage à Delon.
    J’apprécie personnellement beaucoup l’acteur, si l’homme m’a souvent déçu. Je crois effectivement qu’il est en acteur de premier plan chez Visconti, Losey, Melville… Ailleurs, hélas, il a tendance à jouer Delon. C’est un processus classique chez les monstres sacrés.
    Ce qui n’empêche pas qu’à côté d’un ego surdimensionné, il a su, parfois, me toucher beaucoup. En particulier lors de la mort de Burt Lancaster, dont il a toujours reconnu qu’avec Jean Gabin, il était le seul acteur qui l’ait intimidé.
    Même s’il ne restait que Rocco et ses frères, Le Guépard, Monsieur Klein et le Samouraï, cela suffirait à assurer la gloire d’Alain Delon. Il y est tout bonnement étonnant.

  13. “L’Avventura” is without doubt one of the most brilliant pieces of art in all of art history. Within the running frames you can see a miracle taking place before your very eys. Not only can you see this miracle happening between the main caracters; you can actually SEE it in the environments surrounding them. Never before, or since, has the visuall instrument been used with such complete mastery in the artistic creation.

    Christian Hallbeck

  14. Alain Delon had to be the most beautiful man on the planet,still hot, I think.Can’t wait to see his films,the great ones,not his American work.Everyone should “discover” Delon,OMG!!!!!

  15. I just adore Alain Delon. I watched all his movies especially the europeans movies. I love him!!! I can watch his movies all the time. My favorites are The Samurai, Rocco and his brothers, A plein Soleil, The Professor, Tony Arzenta, Flic Story, Zorro, Two Men in Town, The Widow Courdec, The Red Circle, Mr. Klein, The Tulip Noir, Once a Thief, Airport Concorde, Christine, The Gatopard, The Sicilian Clan, A flic, Farewell Friend,Any Number Can Win, Borsalino, The Swimming Pool, The Last Adventure etc.etc.

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