Caged tulips and false sense of security

“Real security is the ability to tolerate mystery, complexity, ambiguity—indeed hungering for these things.” Eve Ensler

Behind bars, these tulips have lost their beauty and have only gained a false sense of protection.

caged tulips michele roohani paris

Real security means contemplating death, not pretending it doesn’t exist. We are prisoners of our fears or the fears of our fathers; uniformity becomes the only acceptable way…

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“When security becomes the center of your life, you can’t travel very far or venture too far outside a certain circle. You can’t allow too many conflicting ideas into your mind at one time as they might confuse you or challenge you. You can’t open yourself to new experiences, new people, and new ways of doing things.”

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Self-imposed rules prevent potential disasters but they also ensure mediocrity—Salieri’s mediocrity against Mozart’s genius…Too scared of trying new things, we stay secure, in control and alone.

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According to Charlie Jones , “the only difference from where you are right now, and where you’ll be one year from now, are the books you read and the people you meet.”

For a great example of passion for life and risk taking that leads to success see my popular post about Gustavo Dudamel.

7 thoughts on “Caged tulips and false sense of security

  1. میشل جان جدان حس های قشنگت را دوست دارم .ترکیب رنگ های اتنخابی ات / فضا حس غالب بر کارهایت را ستایش می کنم .شاد و سربلند باشی

  2. Throw me in the deep,
    between the violins, double bass and cellos
    let the child in me giggle
    and let my essence sail to the unknown shores

    Stand me in front of a mirror again
    and again let me shed the bars
    free the Swan Wings of Crispa Tulips
    and let the strategies of concealment
    take their last ramification

    Spin me until stars of truth blind
    my blind eyes
    and until my heart join the
    union between heaven and earth

    I am the reflection of the reflected
    stranger to me until I see a glimpse of truth
    thru me in the play of truth
    a sip of your truth
    is the red of wine

    I wish to be alone with the air
    the sun and the distant noises
    until the possibility of my hideousness
    gradually goes away

  3. You have captured a truth. The desire for false security forces us to give up curiosity, exploration and knowledge. Our concerns about safety, leads us to trust those who use paranoia to manipulate political and social thought.

    I Believed

    I believed that water had no taste
    That air was without substance
    Sunlight carried only light and heat
    Rain brought only water and wind blew only air

    I know that water tastes of where it passes
    That air can be sticky thick or brittle thin
    Sunlight brings life and color
    Rain delivers respite and wind blows clarity

    I want to know water’s path by its taste
    Disappear into the high mountain air
    Melt in the autumn sunshine
    Be dissolved by pouring rain and blown back again by a raging wind

    – D. Thomas

  4. I like what you have to say about security and venturing out into the unkown. Years ago I came across this quote and it spoke to me:

    “We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to make
    room for the life that is waiting for us.”

    — Joseph Campbell

    BTW, love the red chairs cafe. Order me a coffee while you’re there.

  5. I just watched her TED talk on “Security and insecurity”, and I couldn’t agree more. Your images complement the her points very well.

    I wonder if the tulips at the end of your post have gained their freedom…

  6. Dear Michele

    Inspiring thoughts & Beautiful Pictures ..

    In our instinctive attachments our fear of change and our wish for security & permanence, we may undercut impermanence which is our greatest strength,our most fundamental identity. Without impermanence,there is no process. The nature of life is change. All hope is based on process..

    Having said that I do not claim to have reached this state..

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