Is somebody flattering me?

Is somebody flattering me by copying me? It sure looks like it! To all the people who want to know how the mysterious woman’s face in the official Cannes film festival poster looks like, take a look at my post here.

My friend Mitra called me this morning, super excited about the Cannes Film Festival’s official poster which looks so much like the stills I have in this post:

avventura cannes poster michele roohani

This poster looks a lot like the images I made by taking pictures of my tv screen last february:

“I got to watch L’Avventura (The Adventure) last night and Antonioni’s poetic compositions were arresting:

avventura monica vitti terrace cannes film festival

Monica Vitti is divine in these shots from 50 years ago…

l’avventura monica vitti stairs michele roohani

Today’s generations think they have invented these styles/fashions; our arrogance fades after watching a couple of these films.”

I just can’t resist adding a couple of  more pictures from that film:

avventura monica vitti  polka dot michele roohani

It seems that I wasn’t the only one interested in still shots from Avventura—Annick Durban did a great poster for Cannes festival (and flattered me!)

avventura monica vitti  blond chignon michele roohani

To see the beauty of this now famous scene, go here.

To see my original post go here.

2 thoughts on “Is somebody flattering me?

  1. Monica Vitti est une déesse dont Michelangelo Antonioni a été le créateur.

  2. A vignette in to many faces of divinity,
    captured and expressed similarly by two
    is a Charlie Brown moment!!!!!!

    It is refreshing to witness,
    true expression of beauty,
    which remains inspiring
    and in demand to others
    sprouting in to the open,
    approximately 5177 nautical miles apart!!

    In all modesty, you should be flattered
    joyful and not cynical for this coincidence.

    Just remember that, you have been
    participating in a creative muses,
    which results in an aaaaah!
    an adventure which connotes.

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