Scarlet, crimson, red

Red—no matter what other name you call it by— is the color of  passion, anger, courage, sacrifice, warning, fire, sin, revolution, love, power, etc…

red cards michele roohani joker playing cards

red is my favorite color and these are some samples of my reds; let’s start with a red heart or a scarlet letter:

red heart giacometti michele roohani

red tomatoes,

red cherry tomatoes basque ham michele roohani

red fish,

red caper fish swan michele roohani

red Persian rug,

red persian rug micheleroohani

red literature,

red fernando pessoa michele roohani book of disquiet

a red fountain pen,

red fountain pen michele roohani

and a red pencil,

coloring pencils argentina mcihele roohani

red lips,

red lips marylin monroe michele roohani

a hot red car,

red hot car michele roohani

another hot red car,

red smart car merecedes michele roohani

an aspiring red rose,

red white rose michele roohani

and a real red rose,

red rose in a black cup micheleroohani

lovelorn poppies,

red poppies michele roohani loire france

red peppers,

red peppers michele roohani

high calorie red,

red ribbon bran muffin michele roohani

a small red door,

red door amsterdam michele roohani

and a slightly bigger one!

strasbourg cathedral red door michele roohani

the fabulous Miss Wendy:

red miss pink michele roohani guitar musician

Los Angeles’ red light district,

red traffic lights los angeles michele roohani

red beads,

red beads michele roohani

wine is one of my favorite reds,

 red wine michele roohani bottles painting

red steps in Prague,

red steps stairs michele roohani prague

and red steps in Buenos Aires,

red tango dancers michele roohani buenos aires

a disobedient red strawberry shortcake,

red strawberry shortcake michele roohani argentina

and a red blog…

red blog michele roohani

and this is the end of my Red post.

11 thoughts on “Scarlet, crimson, red

  1. As I can not add here some red pictures for you as a gift,
    I copy some of the verses from a french song by
    Michel Sardou in 1984..The title of the song is “Rouge”..
    Comme un soleil couchant
    De Méditerranée
    Comme le vin de Bordeaux
    Dans ma tête étoilée
    Comme le sang de Rimbaud
    Coulant sur un cahier
    Comme la mer qui recouvre
    Le désert de Judée

    Comme les joues d’un enfant
    Quand il a trop joué
    Comme la pomme qui te donne
    Le parfum du péché
    Comme le feu du volcan
    Qui va se réveiller
    Comme cette étoile au coeur
    De ce dormeur couché

    Comme un oiseau tué
    Par un chasseur tragique
    Comme un acteur blessé
    Par les cris du public
    Comme un violon brisé
    Qui rejoue l’Héroïque
    Comme la vision glacée
    Du dernier Titanic

    Comme le feu des tziganes
    Quand les violons s’affolent
    Comme un phare de signal
    Quand un avion s’envole
    Comme les lèvres d’une femme
    Quand l’amour la rend folle
    Comme le front du menteur
    Qui trahit sur parole

    Comme un oiseau tué
    Par un chasseur tragique
    Comme un acteur blessé
    Par les cris du public
    Comme un violon brisé
    Qui rejoue l’Héroïque
    Comme la vision glacée
    Du dernier Titanic

    Comme le silence qui suit
    Les paroles en musique
    Comme une symphonie
    Quand elle est pathétique

    Comme la colère d’un homme
    Quand il voit s’en aller
    Tout ce qu’il a construit
    Tout ce qu’il a aimé
    Comme le manteau du Christ
    Que les soldats ont joué
    Comme la couleur du ciel
    Quand il va s’écrouler


    Thank you for sharing this extraordinary colour with us, and thanks once more for your wonderful blog.

  2. nice photos! the red doors, the stairs are really beautiful, striking.i also like the beads 🙂

  3. Hey,

    Lovely… I can see the love for red. I think to me red largely means passion and something that you cannot avoid to NOTICE. Whatever the signal read would mean. Fengshui i believe promotes RED color. In hindus, the bindi the women originally wore was supposed to be red. The color that we originally played the festival of HOLI in India is also RED.

    Its a very powerful and positive color. Three cheers for you to represent it so beautifully in IMAGES.

    Wish you a bright life…(RED)


  4. Nice post Michelle! Red is my favorite color too! 🙂 Nish is right, Red is the color of passion; but I wanted to point out that beside passion, red is also the color of life.

    Speckled over the surface of our tiny red blood cells, a hemoglobin molecule hugs an oxygen molecule and this union turns the color of our blood red. This is good. This is survival. For me, it means that I live to share this story of billions of red blood cells crawling through our tiny vessels only to feed our starving cells the very oxygen they need.

    Yes, we like red in many aspects of our lives, our wines, our flowers, carpets, cars, and other items we surround ourselves with; but let’s not forget that every ephemeral whiff of a red rose is the courtesy of our ruby blood, the very color that makes each breath possible. When oxygen leaves our hemoglobin, the blood turns dark blue and our rosy cheeks turn pale and then cyanoti – and we die if ruddiness does not return and the situation is not reversed. So, all the red that makes our collective experience is possible because of this one red, and this is why I wish everyone red wine, red roses, red Ferraris, red Persian carpets with matching wall paper and drapes, and lots and lots of red passion; but most importantly, I wish all of you red cheeks and many many happy red blood cells!! 🙂

    p.s. I painted a painting called “Red Chaos” a couple of years ago. I’ll email you a picture of it since I now know you’re also a fan of this color. 🙂

  5. Hey Michele..

    Dazzling pictures & imagery.. capture beautifully metaphor & symbol of color RED

    My House is the Red Earth

    My house is the red earth; it could be the center of the world. I’ve heard New York, Paris, or Tokyo called the center of the world, but I say it is magnificently humble. You could drive by and miss it.

    Radio waves can obscure it. Words cannot construct it, for there are some sounds left to sacred wordless form. For instance, that fool crow, picking through trash near the corral, understands the center of the world as greasy strips of fat.

    Just ask him. He doesn’t have to say that the earth has turned scarlet through fierce belief, after centuries of heartbreak and laughter—he perches on the blue bowl of the sky, and laughs.

    By Joy Harjo

  6. Dear Michele:
    Red is my favorite color too.
    Life is colorful and each color has a meaning and a purpose. Seven chakras of the body represent seven colors of the rainbow spectrum spinning of all form white the color of light. Red is the color of root chakra which is our connectivity with the ground. Your blog reminds me of a poem I wrote many years ago about colors of life which I bring it here. Thank you

    Colors of life

    Red, yellow, and blue,
    Wine, honey, see-through,
    Versus war, famine, curfew.

    There is flood, shedding blood,
    Some in the mud, thanking the God,
    Some count the days, behind the rod.

    There is orange, lots of brown,
    The set of the sun, beauty of the dawn,
    Class of the poor, class of crown,
    The sad, and the bad, and the faking clown.

    Green is the light, color of the peace,
    Allowing to go, allowing to kiss.
    Trees are plenty, forests are many,
    Cutting all of them for the sake of money

    Bright is the birth, so dark is the death,
    The white like a bird, black like a hearth.

    Color of the love, is the red, is the best.
    It is wonderful when the birds form a nest.

    The best of the all are colors of the life
    The husband, the sons, and daughters with the wife

    And I love the white, peace and joy not the fight,
    We don’t need to fight if the mind is bright.

    And I love the red, life alive not the dead.
    We are like a dead, love-less life with dread.

    Mehrdad 10/16/2001

  7. What a fantastic Ode to Red! The pictures are absolutely stunning. It was not my favorite color before, but i think that i might change my color allegiances now because your Red Gallery is so gorgeous… Thank you once again, Michele, for bringing such beauty to your loyal friends and blog readers!

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