Are Muslims coming back from a vacation in History?

Is the Arab world waking up after taking a vacation from History during the past few centuries (as Daryush Shayegan puts it in his book, Cultural Schizophrenia: Islamic Societies Confronting the West)?

I made this image with the hope of freedom (and finally some democracy – even half baked) in the Middle East.

Recipe for volatile social cocktail: “a youth bulge, vast unemployment, inadequate education, and gross economic inequality. but are the richer Arab states immune? There is anger about entrenched authoritarianism and subservience to America’s strategic agenda for the Middle East – especially its  support for Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians”. Middle East’s reaching a tipping point…

To see some of the brave women of Egypt go here.

Sahyegan’s book in English is Cultural Schizophrenia: Islamic Societies Confronting the West

I have read it in French: Le regard mutilé


6 thoughts on “Are Muslims coming back from a vacation in History?

  1. Je vous remercie pour cette nouvelle référence, “Le regard mutilé”.
    Nous semblons effectivement être les témoins (admiratifs) d’un phénomène inattendu…
    Votre origine et votre regard sont vraisemeblablement précieux pour juger ces évènements troublants à plusieurs titre.

    J’imagine que votre curiosité vous a amenée à découvrir Albert Camus et Calderon (La vie est un songe).

  2. As “apolitical” as I am, I dare confronting you on this issue!!! The Arab world needs a few more centuries ( or a complete depletion of their Oil deposits, whichever comes first! ) prior to awakening to the New World!
    This Tunisia/ Egyptian scenario is a genuine copy of the Iranian plot. May Allah save us; I do not see any good coming out of this chaos for the civilized world.
    You will be around, God willing, to witness the “Carterian” disaster repeating itself. This is my belief.

  3. I have the same apprehensions as you, Jahangir jaan, but i have some hope that people may not make the same mistake over and over again and the middle east is so overdue for a little overhaul…

  4. Very interesting and glad that they are finally awakening… but I am wondering what’s happening in Algeria? Are they still sleeping? It’s time to wake up… it’s happening now!

  5. Incredible poster. MIchele, I , too was born in the Arab World and we have a deep connection with Egypt and epecially Sudan ( my birth country). At home My parents speak fluent Arabic and me and my sister in tit bits. Shoiya Shoiya.. Me a…nd my dad have been following the events being unfolded one after the other.

    PLease read Nicholas Christof ( NYTIMES Column , We all are egytptians )

    An Excerpt

    “Inside Tahrir Square on Thursday, I met a carpenter named Mahmood whose left arm was in a sling, whose leg was in a cast and whose head was being bandaged in a small field hospital set up by the democracy movement. This was the seventh time in 24 hours that he had needed medical treatment for injuries suffered at the hands of government-backed mobs. But as soon as Mahmood was bandaged, he tottered off once again to the front lines.”

  6. Michelle
    Cultural Schizophrenia: Islamic Societies Confronting the West

    May I suggest that Islamic Societies have to confront themselves.
    Measure upto the standards set by Islam itself. Bring on the enlightenmd and creative Islamic sociitesd that these once were in Middle ages.
    Confrontation as an idea must be eliminated.

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