Pharaohs are trembling

Egypt is awakening…Pharoahs are trembling…Pyramids are cracking…and I am hoping for more Cleopatras than the Muslim Brotherhood…

From Maureen Dowd (a few days after my blog got published):

Egyptians rose up at the greatest irony of all: “Cleopatra’s Egypt was modern in ancient times and Mubarak’s was ancient in modern times. The cradle of civilization yearned for some civilization.”

9 thoughts on “Pharaohs are trembling

  1. Well now you have done it. Let’s see if your previous “there is no jihad, it’s just random violence” blogger respond.


  2. Dordaneh joon,

    it is great to have you to be able to travell from Cambridge to Egypt.
    all the topics was wonderful.

  3. You are right, we should hope that some Cleopatras will be influential.

    Most likely the military will come back to power

  4. Nice Poster; thanks for sharing.

    And behold another revolution….. sadly, it smells familiar; it tastes bitter, …
    But I share your WISH .

  5. Dear Michele,
    Though I can understand the fear of an Islamic takeover, I don’t think that will happen in this case. Besides, the Muslim Brotherhood are actually a greater force for democracy than the autocratic and corrupt secular police state. I hope it’s a rainbow coalition that represents everyone, including the Muslim faithful.
    Best regards,

  6. I sincerely hope this revolutions awakens the right kind of leadership in the Arab World. But the immediate result of the revolution will be a fiasco or might appear to be a bigger the blunder than its predecessor. But this will definitely usher in an awakening in the populace..

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