Belle Mellor, mi Amor

Belle Mellor is my favorite illustrator; I discovered her work through the Economist some years ago and I am hooked!

Her images are clever, funny and subtle.

The above images are from one of my best Economist articles, A survey of mobility, Nomads at last.

How can you get more witty than these?

Here her man is walking over everybody,

but here the dude is addicted to love…

a cell phone with Chinese alphabet?

Mellor calls this Three piece suite for people who are homebound,

and people who can’t wait to get away from their office desks:

She has illustrated a lot of great articles about pollution (air, noise, etc…),

and she can be seriously sad:

but she really gets me when she goes softer like in this one below:

This is her tragedy,

and her bliss:

Rescue your emails?

‘Ask What I Want’ | How Magazine | For an article, about how designers need to listen to their clients:

I wished everybody,

to see her work, go to her website.

and read about her here.

11 thoughts on “Belle Mellor, mi Amor

  1. You’re right Michèle, Belle is very clever.
    She knows how to combine humor with reality. What I really like the most is how she uses two colors, black and something else. GOOD! Gracias!

  2. You make me want to go to Paris immediately but….

    Nice choice of illustrator. I am familiar with her stuff from the mag.

  3. Vous êtes terrible; j’aurais bien aimé être ce “quadra” avec son smartphone flashé à la terrasse de ce café!
    Sauf que je suis un “quinca-génaire” et que pour la circonstance- élégance oblige- je me serais départi de cet “outil”! Sourire!

    Etes vous allée visiter l’exposition BASQUIAT ,,,Je m’y suis rendu hier soir.

    Bien cordialement,

  4. THis is one of the finest Illustrations I have come across.. They are lke painitngs.. Thank you so much for introducing us to this seething, incisive facetious et melancholic… illustrator Belle.

  5. I have just seen this illustrators work at the Brighton Artists Open House and was really impressed! Think they are great.
    Definately going to have to find out more about her.

  6. Lovely to see, I new her as a little girl. Her Mummy was a fantastic artist too – must run in the genes.

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