Ok, I’m a pig!

I am not a chocolate person – I am not an ice cream person – I am not even a french fries person but I have no resistance when it comes to good pastry with tons of real cream. It’s not the sugar I am after, it’s the fat!

chantilly dessert sweet sundae ice cream almond

Ah…real whipped cream; the sexier name would be Chantilly…Making it the right way is an art in its way to extinction – even in Europe; I made a scene a couple of years back in la Rotonde, when they served me a café liegeois with cream coming out of a can! I left the café more heartbroken than angry…

chantilly dessert sweet sundae ice cream

Well boys and girls, this post was supposed to be about “fiber to the curb/kerb”, a telecommunication system based on fiber-optic cables, but i found this subject sweeter on a Monday.

cafe au lait heart coffee

Being a wimp with a high cholesterol count and in the absence of real Chantilly, I treat myself to a “hearty” nonfat cafe con leche. Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not. “

5 thoughts on “Ok, I’m a pig!

  1. hehe… Don’t even serve me a crème chantilly coming out of a can !! unbelievable, but unfortunatelly 99% now.. This is why I don’t ask anymore for it..
    In spite of cholesterol and other beauties.. I want a black coffee with real cream…
    I’m an addict of café (roasted beans and smelly.. arabica..)
    As you say life is short so.. I just please myself from time to time.. Necessary and pure delight !
    and with a macaron coming from Pierre Hermé … hhmmm..
    enjoy 🙂

  2. I’m also a big fan of creamy foods… I usually say you can tell how bad a food is for your health based on how much I like it! A poster boy for Lipitor! But at the same time, I feel terrible for those with lactose intolerance… that’s one cruel evolutionary joke. But I wonder why we’re so hooked on cream. What is it about this white substance we can’t get enough of? It’s like we were weaned as children only to rediscover a substitute! Off the breast and onto the world to redefine their usefulness and substitute their secretion with Pana Cotta, Chantilly, or Ice Cream!

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