Coming to life with an iPod

I love my iPod! It’s ancient but I don’t want to get a new one yet; I have to admit that having a portable music library has not been my primary concern but the podcasts…oh the podcasts…

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Many of my friends have asked about subscribing to podcasts with an iPod (or any other MP3) – this is how I listen to my news from around the world – it’s like TiVo-ing your favorite radio shows; you have to install itunes and take it from there:

1) if you don’t already have itunes download it for free at
2) install it
3) go to itune store/podcast
4)search for shows you like halfway through the screen:

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And the rest is pretty easy. Here are some of the things I listen to: NPR morning news, scientific american , slate magazine, 2000 ans d’histoire, in our time with melvyn bragg, Radio Lab, NYT’s Frank Rich/Maureen Dowd , etc… I do download a “medley” of different stuff and I hardly listen to music on my ipod but that’s just me – the beauty of it all is that I can listen to what I want when I want and with a little gadget (iTrip), it even plays on my car radio.

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Five minutes in the morning to download the podcasts from my computer and this can carry me through Life‘s rush-hour…Happiness is a lot of small/little things.

8 thoughts on “Coming to life with an iPod

  1. Tous les I (Ipod, Imac, Iphone etc…) font marcher l’I ndustrie, c’est bien mais moi je suis anti-gadget et anti-consommation (juste ce qui le faut). Je suis pour l’indépendance et c’est pour cela que j’aprouve la filière PC à vous les partisans du MAC de me démontrer le contraire. De toute manière chacun/une trouvera le petit bonheur de sa journée……….

  2. My friends generally have the misconception that you can’t subscribe to a podcast unless you have an iPod.

    My favourite podcasts are Podictionary and SETI: Science and Skepticism.

    Cheers! Nice Blog!

  3. Quand la musique de l’ IPOD est dans vos oreilles, peut-on entendre quelqu’un vous dire bonjour ?

  4. Thank you for providing the steps to using an i-pod. I for one am interested in being able to download good programs but also some music. The “gadget” is so small as to make it convenient when one is on the run. Thanks again for the practical advice. Keep up the good work.

  5. Right now I have one song (Tina Turner), countless podcasts (NPR & others), and 36 unabridged books ( in my very old iPod – and there’s still room for more. Listening to a book or program via iPod is the only way I can clean my house. I can’t wait to check out some of the podcasts you and Anne have listed.

  6. Thank you for the info. I know one of the reasons was me!!! because I’m kind of … well, lazy!!! As you always said “Vaght Nist baba jan” (there is no time….) But thank you again. Your blog is very informative.

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