I am shameless…

This is a shameless plug to sell my posters, my t-shirts, my images in general; my métro café poster has finally gone on sale on the major print stores.

michele roohani library kitchen cafe metro poster

A framed version’s been on my kitchen wall for a few months since the artist (meaning me) gets a preview/bonus set before all of you mere mortals! Remember, I am trying to be shameless, cocky, insolent, cheeky, impudent, etc…

café coffee metro reflection paris france

You can buy most of my work on demand from RedBubble.com; they have 80 works of mine that you can purchase in many different sizes and formats. They even have T-shirts that i have designed.

t-shirt nylons NY gruau

These are some of my posters that you can find on Allposters.com, Art.com, Artselect.com and many other art sites on the net.

2 thoughts on “I am shameless…

  1. As such your photographs are work of Art !!
    In fact to begin with , last week, I ve ordered 3 Cards of your work from Redbubble.

    by the way nice perspective of your home ..

    Cheers !! & Good wishes..

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