Hello?… that was just a joke!

Ok people I was just joking when I said I was going to have plastic surgery! I talked about the United States’ dire economic situation (true), having a kid in law school (true) and needing cosmetic surgery (maybe true but won’t do it) to make you guys buy my stuff.

These are my 2007/2008 holiday cards:

holioday 2007 2008 season’s greetings michele roohani

michele roohani happy holidays

I hope that you had a good thanksgiving – I always cook two turkeys no matter how many people are coming to my house (one in the oven and one in a pot) and this year wasn’t an exception – great persian stuffing camouflaged as the usual stove top

turkeys thanksgiving 2007

“Thanksgiving is when gluttony becomes a patriotic duty.” To me, this is one holiday that is not tinted with religion or acute nationality.

thanksgiving 2007

The real turkey this week will be president Bush going to Annapolis when thousands are protesting in Jerusalem and Gaza against the talks.

Mike Luckovich annapolis

Mike Luckovich sums it up in the above cartoon; I like Bob Gorrell’s too:

bob gorrell annapolis

5 thoughts on “Hello?… that was just a joke!

  1. Ouch! That Photoshop masterpiece will surely lead to a few nightmares! But the x-mass card is very nice! 🙂
    I agree, this has been the season for turkeys. Whether it’s the edible kind, the kind we celebrate around the Thanksgiving table, the kind we visit when we want to visit an exotic place, a place we pass resolutions to condemn and then sweep under the rug, or whether it’s the character of those who lie to us for their own benefit and their political agenda. Well, hunting season has just begun in the Northeast woods. Some poor turkey must be very nervous tonight. Unfortunately, it’s always the wrong kind of turkey that gets the short end of the stick: some poor bird meeting its destiny by man. So, we’ll see if the President can pull a miracle in Annapolis; but this last ditch effort to save an atrocious presidency will go down in history as the “Decider’s” Hail Mary pass into the N-zone that will most likely be intercepted and returned for another touchdown against the home team!

  2. Ouch ! photo is in distressing humor.. request to take it off .

    As your blog is about celebrating Art & Beauty not manipulating it

  3. Hello Michele Jan,

    You look gorgeous after the surgery! 😉

    I’m a friend of Arezou’s. Loved your art and yes I agree ‘Ars longer, vita brevis’.

    All the best,

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