My Hermès scarf and the missing snow

I am crazy about scarves. This is one of my few indulgences: silk scarves to wear around my neck. One of my favorites is this Hermès piece:

hermes scarf michele roohani snowflakes

It inspired me to make this card which is available for purchase :

holiday snowflakes michele roohani hermes

and this t-shirt, available in several colors :

michele roohani holiday t-shirt snowflakes

I have this resurfacing nostalgic feeling about snow every winter in southern california; being born here, my son doesn’t miss the snow much, but I, being born on a snowy December first, in Mashhad, Iran, miss it a lot…The quiet beautiful snow who always speaks softly…

There is this short novel I read a few years back called Neige (snow in french) and of course the great book of my friend Jean-Michel Maulpoix called Pas sur la neige. “Chaque flocon répète: nous n’irons plus au ciel.” (every snowflake repeats: we’re not going back to the sky)

tehran under snow

I don’t know the name of the photographer of the above picture but I figured I would throw it in for all of you homesick persians.

7 thoughts on “My Hermès scarf and the missing snow

  1. Le regretté Claude Nougaro . la chantait si bien
    cette neige qui vous manque tellement….
    Vous souvenez-vous de cet extrait ?

    “….Elle vient de si haut, la chaste damoiselle
    Que sa forme voilée d’étoiles se constelle
    Elle vient de si haut, cette sœur des sapins
    Cette bombe lactée que lancent les gamins
    Elle vient de si haut, la liquide étincelle
    Au sommet de la terre elle brille éternelle
    Brandissant son flambeau sur le pic et le roc
    Comme la liberté dans le port de New York
    La neige…”

    Bien que vivant en montagne.. nous n’en avons encore que peu… très peu, trop peu..

    Je vais acheter le livre de J.M. Maulpoix. J’aime beaucoup les mots que vous avez cités.

    j’ajouterai pour terminer que .. nous avons décidément bien des goûts en commun ..
    les carrés Hermès ..
    et puis nous sommes Sagittaire toutes les deux..

    Ah .. si .. vous êtes très belle.

  2. Glamorous & Alluring !!

    A scarf invariably plays against form, dressing down or up in contrast to whatever it’s worn with, Infinitely versatile. The Hermes scarf has become a celebrated classic for the way it combines luxury & sportiness in one swoop.

    In the words of Sherlock Holmes – “ Its has long been an axiom of mine that little things are infinitely the most important..

    “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating
    ¬-John Ruskin

  3. Let me congratulate you again for your beautiful work of art. Your work reminds me about beauties in life such as a georgous snowy day or a soft silky scarf (specially a Hermes one). I received today my first set of your postcards. The quality of the print, the colors and the art work are very impressive. They actually can be framed and be used as a painting. Now the problem would be to find a postcard to go with them!

  4. Nice designs! A scarf is the ultimate accessory. And unlike its retarded brother – the neck tie – it’s actually functional! It’s an accessory that keeps me warm where it counts, around my neck! Incidentally, the scarf is the only functional piece I would be interested in around my neck, unless 1400’s accessories such as ropes, nooses, or leather collars become vogue again! I was walking to work in sub-zero (w/ wind chill) temperatures this morning when I realized I had forgotten my scarf! Walking without a scarf in New England late Autumn has been likened to climbing Mount Everest in nude! In the latter case, covering one’s mouth with the scarf is a must! I like the feeling of breathing into my scarf, where I can rely on it to trap my breath’s warmth. It’s almost like hugging my own lungs to keep warm!

  5. Hi. The name of photographer of the picture of Persian winter is Afshin Yegane Doust. He is my cousin, an amateur Photographer who won a competition for this photo.

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