Alireza Darvish, the amazing bibliophile

I was blown away a couple of years ago by the work of the super talented Alireza Darvish, and I would like to share it with you; he is in love with books and the way he illustrates with them, makes every bibliophile swoon…

This is his Egyptian version:

I fell in love with Darvish’s “fish-book” below:

I am reading the new translation of Cervantes’ Don Quixote (my first time) so the following image rings closer:

Darvish becomes playful with his “interbooks”,

The problem of too many books and not enough time:

He’s having fun with the reverse situation too:

the one man book:

He uses books as bridges (I love the methaphor…),

Bu I still love Alireza Darvish’s illustrations when he becomes whimsical like in this one where the woman is reading to the mermaids:

I like his animals,

he gets poetic…

Don’t be fooled by the phantasmagorique side of Alireza Darvish, he has a darker side:

and a way darker side:

but he remains delightful and great to discover!

Visit his site here.

Take a look at his fantastic animations here.

In BBC here.

6 thoughts on “Alireza Darvish, the amazing bibliophile

  1. If you would replace the work BOOK with KNOWING then all the paintings make more sense. Good job he is doing.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. These are incredible, quirky , funny , pensive and above all Surreal. These are surreal illustrations.

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us these great Artists.


  3. just loved the subtle but blatant suggestions and humor. Thanks for sharing. Truly enjoyed his work.

  4. Ars Libri Ltd. 500 Harrison Avenue Boston, MA 02118

    Vision Bound Unbound: The Drawings of Alireza Darvish

    Opening Reception: 7 October 5:30-8pm Exhibition: 7 October – 29 November

    Alireza Darvish is a contemporary Iranian artist currently living in Germany. Some twenty years ago, he began a series of finished watercolors and drawings exploring the metaphorical meanings of the book in the modern world, particularly in the context of totalitarian politics. Darkly surreal, whimsical, and provocative, the series is a testimony of gratitude to the freedom and hope that books offer the imagination, and a commentary on the refuge they provide. The series now numbers more than eighty works, nearly all of which are included for sale in this exhibition.
    A catalogue to accompany the exhibition will be published and available from Ars Libri for $25. For more information, please email us: or telephone us: 617 357-5212.
    The artist will be present at the 7 October opening reception. tel 617.357.5212 fax 617.338.5763

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