Can Obama charm us again in 2012?

I made the above image 4 years ago for this post.

I remember how happy I was when creating these and I am still hopeful that maybe he will be able to deliver in his second round…

And I remember this gloomy yet hopeful december in California in 2008…

My favorite picture of Obama is still this one:

Many are a bit disappointed with him but the alternative is just scary…


6 thoughts on “Can Obama charm us again in 2012?

  1. To charm or not is not the question. Charisma is such a tricky thing and our first family has plenty of it. Can we look at the man and his choices, not with misty, sentimental eyes, but a clear vision that allows us to weigh in, rather then deny his four year legacy and then consider the alternative and then vote with wisdom, rather then a knee-jerk reaction? Your images are powerful, may the best man truly win.

  2. I like your photos but your taste in Leaders leaves a lot to be desired
    Obama is an empty suit and a cold and heartless person and lies like it’s no big deal.

  3. I hope that his charm & conviction wins the majority again, even those like you who favor social help of Democrats & the economic liberties of the republicans ( although I am not sure after the mess they put us in, you favor them)!

  4. I am not much of a politician, nor am I a man of politics any longer. But, may I opine that: they are BOTH bad, they are ALL bad. There is not a drop of altruism ( or patriotism ) in the blood of any political figure I know… not here in our beloved adopted country, not in our loving birthplace, not in any corner of the planet.
    They are all role players in a filthy game….

    But, your creative work is , like always, admirable.

  5. Not being an american citizen, but a world citizen, not talking about politics but listening and looking and believing that NONE of them today in any country can bring an easy life in their basket.
    Too many terrible events had happen, too many are on the way.
    If only, each and every citizen would act properly, in respect of life and laws.. then maybe..(wishful thought ?) our world would be bright, I admire what Obama did in spite of what he had to face. How many bad winds against him ?? How to be successful at the almost neverending crisis ? Chapeau M. Obama. May the good winds be at your back this year too

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