Rainy day in Paris with Richard Holbrooke

It’s a rainy afternoon in Paris, just the way I like it, but I am in bed 3 weeks after a foot surgery and lots of time to read.

Some time ago I was nudged by my friend, Ajay, (happy birthday Ajay) to read Paris: a love story. I thought maybe it’s about the one among millions of little/big romances in the city of lights so I didn’t rush to it. I was surprised to find a very interesting book by Kati Marton:

She was the wife of Peter Jennings and Richard Holbrooke and she has been in love with Paris all her life. I liked both these gentlemen and her story starting in Hungary and continuing all over Europe and United States kept me reading through the night (pain is also responsible for keeping you awake).

I knew Holbrooke from his days in Bosnia and Afghanistan and Jennings was coming to all our homes for years via ABC News. After that book and no brighter future in pain reduction, I started reading The unquiet American, a very interesting book published by Holbrooke’s friends after his death in 2011.

It is an amazing book if you like history and/or are interested in high diplomacy; Richard Holbrooke shines with his whole package of qualities and imperfections. I am considering to read (finally) a book by John le Carré, being nudged this time by Holebrooke himself!

I rarely read fiction so it would be hard to choose which of these two to read and which just watch as a film. The free first chapters from Kindle will help me make up my mind. I am as they say a “promiscuous” but loyal reader – I read many books at the same time but I do finish them all!

“History keeps her secrets longer than most of us. But she has one secret that I will reveal to you tonight in the greatest confidence. Sometimes there are no winners at all. And sometimes nobody needs to lose.”  John le Carré


3 thoughts on “Rainy day in Paris with Richard Holbrooke

  1. Hello Michele,
    Sorry to read about your foot surgery: how are you? How are they (your feet)?… they are so precious and we never really care for them, forcing them to fit in tiny “souliers”, walking on high heels, or compressing them in winter shoes… Poor feet! Hope they will carry you everywhere very soon…maybe to L.A.???? Ask them to take you over here? And enjoy that precious time when forced to stay in bed, chouchoutee, and finally being able to read all the books you want and as long as you want…I love that… Thanks for sharing these books with us and enjoy resting! Love, M

  2. Hello Michele,

    I remembered Ajay’s birthday… but totally ignored your surgery.. and the books.

    So.. my wishes for you today are in the sentence below

    “Count your days by the golden hours, don’t remember clouds at all”.

    Interested in the 3 books actually…

    paris under the rain has a special mood and I love it.
    Do you know/remember this ?


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