On Thanksgiving, is Turkey part of Europe?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I always cook two turkeys no matter how many people are coming to my house (one in the oven and one in a pot) and this year will not be different even though it will be in Geneva and not Los Angeles.

Some pictures from the ghost of thanksgivings past—brushing the turkeys with butter and saffron),

prepared in front of the Macy’s Parade on TV!

with great persian stuffing camouflaged as the usual stove top…(it has pomegranate seeds people!)

My son has always been very thankful for the turkeys and I miss cooking for him this year…

In a few hours, this below:

undergoes metamorphosis to become this:

Last year I was shocked to know the turkeys were 120 dollars each! Switzerland is not this bird’s natural habitat but I desperatly wanted to make Turkey a part of Europe!

We made the usual two birds with my friends and they turned out great – below, they are taking a nap:

No thanksgiving preparation should be without the company of some Petite Arvine (the best Swiss White Wine)…

and again after hours of fun work, they are ready to be consumed!


6 thoughts on “On Thanksgiving, is Turkey part of Europe?

  1. Thanksgiving

    O! God, O! Almighty God thanks, for I am alive!
    I am your obedient, thanks for the bowed back I’ve.

    You gave me a lover for a while, and then took it back.
    I got upset not realizing what lies beyond the track.

    Some have the luck of getting electrocuted and die.
    Thanks, for the oil-lamp, I’m half electrocuted by.

    Oh! Of the entire beard and the stack of hair, I had!
    Thanks, for the few hair still left, reasons to be glad.

    Of those pair of eyes that were sharp and bonfire,
    Thanks, for what I can see now with a magnifier.

    You gave everyone a castle and a beautiful spouse.
    Thanks, for I am a single tenant, still without a house.

    Instead of a Benz or a BMW I’ve the desire to ride,
    Thanks, for the scrap-metal I am ridding with pride.

    All the wealth of the world is being eaten by others.
    Thanks, for I am a looser who still cares and bothers.

    Instead of money, home, wealth, and all its power,
    Thanks, for I am a distressed poor without a cover.

    Of all the beauties in the world so sound to see,
    Thanks, for the ugly ones, always found to me.

    In this country of people without a name or nation.
    Thanks, for I am, to this country, a Persian donation.

    Everybody is getting together by the Thanksgiving.
    Thanks, for the loneliness, with whom I am living.

    Instead of cooking a turkey with the stuffing to prink,
    Thanks, for the dried bread that I’d soak in my drink.

    Whether you would give or would not give me a meal,
    I am not complaining, thanks, the deal is still the deal!

    Thanks, for all the love given, from you all driven.
    I am giving back to you all my sins to be forgiven.
    Ashamed of you, all I have is owned by the source.
    Having no choice, I tolerate your will by the force.

    My Thanksgiving Day, alike any other day, is mute and still.
    I thank you for that, O! God, and I leave it up to your will!

    Mehr 11/24/2002

  2. I thought you meant is the other Turkey part of Europe – Not the one that gets massacred and gobbled up, but the one that massacred my people 95 years ago.

    Happy Thankgiving. There is much to be thankful for in this world.

  3. I missed our Thanksgivings. I love you an I wish the next one will be with you, my beautiful sister.

  4. How can we not be filled with wonder? How can we not bring praise and thanksgiving for this wonder of being here, being alive, being part of this great unfolding pageant of life?

    How can we not experience the gratitude that moves beyond our immediate, individual needs and joyfully embraces our place and our part in the universe?


  5. Happy Thanks Giving Michelle… wonderful post, but sorry , me Vegeterian , hence Turkey is not particularly appetizing to me..

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