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I am a certified user experience designer and I am passionate about the role of design in creating flexible structures in our connected environment. Contact me: michele.roohani@gmail.com


for somebody who orders a wimpy decaf/nonfat/soy latte in a los angeles starbucks and comes originally from a tea/chai drinking part of the world, it is interesting that i am fascinated by coffee cultures of the world . i love the smell of fresh ground coffee especially if it’s mixed with some french waiter’s shout accross the caf

Paris, Fontainebleau

i am in paris since may 10th in a rather unusal neighborhood (for me): 100 meters from the eiffel tower! call me a snob but i like to see the tower from afar; i see much to my surprise that i like it upclose too.



i went to musée du quai branly on friday – the maven of “cultural diversity” – the collections were not to my taste but jean nouvel‘s architecture was sublime.



saturday was spent on my first visit to fontainebleau; coming from southern california, i always forget how densely green western europe is; i love the myriad shades of green – much to my delight, i discovered a poppy field and got a bit nostlagique (i haven’t seen a red poppy since i left my country in 79).




the château itself was very impressive but i still prefer the one in chantilly.



paris is a great walking city, day or night…